Cirahong Bridge

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Cirahong Bridge is a train bridge which is located in Manonjaya, between Tasikmalaya and Ciamis, connecting these two cities. Cirahong Bridge was built in 1893 as a part of Souther Java railway project by the Dutch colonialism. This bridge is crossing the Cintanduy River, the borderline of Tasikmalaya and Ciamis.

The uniqueness about this 202 meters bridge is its double function as train bridge on the upper side also car and motorcycle bridge on the bottom part. For the bottom part, the vehicles which is willing to cross the bridge need to queue because the bridge cannot be passed by two vehicles side by side at the same time. During Dutch Colonialism, Cirahong Bridge was bridge for specific purpose which is expanding their colonies until the Southern part of Java. In 1880, Dutch colonialist willing to built a railway in the entire Java island to accelerate the distribution of plantation crops to be exported. It said that when the construction of the railway has reached Tasikmalaya, R.A.A Kusumadiningrat seek an opportunity to accelerate the development of his town, Ciamis. R.A.A Kusumadiningrat then bargaining with Dutch government and deliver his idea to build the railway crossing Ciamis also, beside his ulterior motive to develop his region R.A.A Kusumadinigrat said by crossing Ciamis the cost of the construction will be much more cheaper because it will be a short cut crossing the Citanduy River to go to Tasikmalaya. With basic map and limited topography data, Dutch government start to built the bridge utilizing a very small gap of Citanduy River in Cirahong area. There are a lot of disquisition was built to support the construction. Another consideration to build the bridge above the Citanduy River is because the stones under the river are strong enough as the base of the bridge. With a simple research and data, Dutch Government successfully finishing this bridge and it is still standing proudly until today.

The main unique point of this bridge is its double function. Dutch imperialist was counting precisely that this bridge will bring them a lot of profit. Beside transporting crops, Dutch imperialist were easier to control their colonies by crossing this bridge especially the inland of Souther West Java. During Dutch Colinialism, this bridge were even able to carry small size tank which weigh tons. Those tanks were used as supporting vehicle during war in Cupu Mountain (Ciamis). Cirahong Bridge is the only relics from Dutch Colonialism in Ciamis. If tourist would like to visit and cross this bridge, the officer on duty will be available 24 hours to manage the flow of the vehicles, but tourist need to consider more if they want to visit this bridge during school holiday or other holiday, the flow of the vehicles will be 10 times heavier than normal days.


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