Sampireun Village

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Kampung Sampireun Hotel is operating since January 1999. Located in Ciparay Village, Sukakarya, Samarang District, Garut, West Java. It was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism, Art and Culture, H.E. Marzuki Usman in 4 September 1999. Hotel Kampung Sampireun is a place with back to nature concept. Sundanese ambience is the most common concept which is used as the theme of their facilities and activities. Hotel Kampung Sampireun was built in the altitude of 1,000 meters above the sea level covering an area of 3,6 hectares (including Lake Sampireun).


Hotel Kampung Sampireun is the most famous hotel in Garut, either for staying or just visiting the lake. Tourist who visit Hotel Kampung Sampireun usually enjoying nature based activities such as sauna, swimming, water sport (no motor) and walking around the garden.


Sampireun itself came from the name of the lake inside the hotel, Sampireun in Sundanese language means a place to rest. Sampireun Lake’s water came from spring water which is also used as irrigation for paddy field and public bathroom by the local people. Inside the Hotel Kampung Sampireun, tourist can also enjoy the view of  bamboo forest, the sounds of bamboo leaves which blown by the wind will creating a relax feeling. Beside bamboo forest, the other part of the hotel is planted with various kind of tropical plants with the concept of “tropical gardenlust”. With the temperature of 12 – 18 Celsius degrees and back to nature concept, Hotel Kampung Sampireun is indeed the perfect place for newlywed couple or tourist who would like to have a short escape from city rush.

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