Panten Mountain Paragliding

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This place is located in the Village of Mount Panten Munjul District of Majalengka Majalengka. Located about approximately 7 km from the center of Majalengka. Paths that can be taken to reach this attraction by passing the Munjul Indah Round then headed south towards the village of Sidamukti. Road conditions quite well and can be passed by a 4-wheeled vehicles to take off palarayang location atop Mount Panten.
The Origins
This attraction started in 2010. The opening of this paragliding tours especially supported by Majalengka regency, recorded twice paragliding convening of a national championship and the national championship Gantolle in this place. Rose leaf spot of paragliding is even attracting international paragliding athletes.
Enjoy The Panorama
In this place, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view from a height Majalengka. Best view to see the sights of Majalengka is afternoon during the dry season, visitors will be presented with a view of mainland Majalengka and certainly Mount Ciremai sturdy upright in the east Majalengka.Tak just enjoy the panoramic view from a height, the balls can enjoy a tandem paragliding flight. Yes usually every weekend there is the usual practice paragliding operator in this attraction, but not just any ordinary practice they usually fly tandem to provide facilities for visitors who want to try to fly at altitudes with paragliding. Not only was this tour also presents tourist heritage / history because in the south there is a site tour paragliding Makom / petilasan King Siliwangi and village elders in antiquity. This place is in the middle of a protected forest, so that visitors can enjoy the coolness. Not only that dozens of long-tailed monkeys also inhabit this forest. Once satisfied to see the sights or visiting Majalengka landscape Forest Mountain Protection Panten, visitors can also bring a souvenir in the form of mango Gedong lipstick that was in the area around Sidamukti a mango-producing areas gedong gincu.
Paragliding Mountain Travel Panten located at 2 Village namely Munjul Village and Village Sidamukti District of Majalengka Majalengka. Paragliding take off place until the tiger statue on Mount Panten is administratively located in the Village Munjul, while the statue of a tiger until the ticket is administratively located in the Village area Sidamukti. Travel mileage Paragliding Mount Panten from the center of Majalengka is about + - 4 KM. Paths that can be taken to reach this attraction by passing the Roundabout Munjul, then headed south to the village of Sidamukti. Road conditions quite well and can be passed by a 4-wheeled vehicles up to the paragliding area.
The beauty of Mount Panten not lose the uniqueness and beauty of the mountains in the surrounding districts, Although classified as adventure tourism extreme and adrenaline, but enthusiasts of paragliding is quite a lot, let alone be able to see the beauty of natural scenery, visualization Majalengka are covered in mist or in the heat of the sun.

By Hidayat Ayatulloh

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