Tomb Godog

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The tomb is located in Kampung Godog Godog, Lebak Village Court, District Karangpawitan. Located at Coordinates: 07 º 15 '083' LS 107 º 57 '258 "East Longitude. Tomb Godog from Terminal to Terminal Ciawitali Cileunyi Garut Bandung can be achieved with a time of ± 1.5 hours then to the location by using a one-time city transportation department Karangpawitan. Through Highway Karangpawitan ± 5.5 km go into using a cost OJEG Rp 10,000, - down to the parking lot. To reach the location of the tomb can only be traversed by foot ± 20 minutes with a distance of ± 1 km.
Sunan Godog or Kanjeng Sunan Rahmat or Kiansantang is the propagator of the Holy religion of Islam in the late 15th century - the beginning of the 16th century in the area Timbanganten (now the District Samarang, Tarogong, Kadungora and Leles). According to oral tradition that developed in the area of ​​Garut, Sunan Godog figure believed to be one of the children of King Siliwangi (from Nyai Princess Subanglarang) according to Hindu tradition of oral story. Then told that Sunan Godog when returning from the holy land of Mecca brought pitcher ground. Along the way explore the areas in Indonesia, the land is scattered. At each place when the land falls in the period then become the cradle of the trustees. On the way to the Holy Mountain, the land that brought swaying or godeg. From this Godog name was born. Sunan Rahmat Saints also known as Sunan Godog.
The tomb is a shrine Godog Islamic period amounted to 9 tomb, consisting of a tomb of Sunan Godog and 8 tombs of the retinue. These tombs are located sequentially starting from the first accompaniment to kedepalan, then the main tomb of Sunan Godog at the top of the mountain. Size is almost the same tomb ± 2m x 1m. The main tomb is in the building with a rectangular berdenah pxlm, bercungkup, tile-roofed, wood paneled walls and doors. On his right side there is a store room where the sacred mound once brought Sunan Godog of the Holy land of Mecca.
In the neighborhood around the tomb there is another building where a variety of activities, places to stay the rest of the pilgrims or visitors; wall of the building materials and wood half-wall, fenced bamboo, ceramic floors and clapboard buildings / booths and half open with tile roofs, floors boards / Palupuh; mushala; and public toilets. Tomb Godog region has an area of ​​20 hectares, with the North boundary: field and fields (Village Tanjungsari), South: Village residents and pesawahan (Mount Karacak), West: land settlement and Erpach Netherlands (plantation) / Garut District Municipality, Eastern: forest / Sukanegla village.
Godog tomb is a tourist attraction and pilgrimage of the most crowded in the District of Garut. This is because it has become a tradition at the ceremony held each month birthday of''traditional''or Down Zimat Ngalungsur. The ceremony is conducted every year on 14 Maulud is essentially meant as an expression of respect from society to Sunan Godog, for his services in spreading Islam in Tatar Garut. The phrase''reverence realized dengancara ngamumule''(nurture and care) heirlooms such as various forms and types of kris, the book of the Qur'an, Cis, Skin and others. Heirlooms are derived from the treasury (kandaga) stored in a room above the tomb building, then opened the lid and removed one by one to be washed with water and scrubbed with a flower fragrance that is not corroded by the caretaker (Kuncen). The ceremony is usually preceded the ceremonial which was attended by government officials and the public while on a pilgrimage. Heirloom Sunan Godog trusted as a relic that should be preserved and conserved. In addition there is a typical art performances Garut.
This tomb has been made as a tourist destination by the local community or from outside the Main Page. In order to further increase tourist visits the construction of facilities for the convenience of the people who come are very needed and necessary publicity efforts, documentation, packaging ritual amulets down to known and unknown.
Location: Kampung Godog, Lebak Village Court, District Karangpawitan, Garut
Coordinates: 07 º 15 '083' S, 107 º 57 '258 "E
Directions: Tomb Godog from Terminal to Terminal Ciawitali Cileunyi Bandung Garut can be achieved with a time of ± 1.5 hours then to the location by using public transportation once Karangpawitan majors. Through Highways Karangpawitan ± 5.5 km into using OJEG a fare of Rp 10,000, - down to the parking lot. To reach the location of the tomb is only passable by foot ± 20 minutes with a distance of ± 1 km.
Facilities: Lodging, mosque, public toilets,
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