Cibuntu Village

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One of the tourist village that has a unique appeal is the Tourism Village of Cibuntu. The uniqueness of this village lies in the existence of some relics purbakalanya . The village is located in the Pasawahan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java.

Archaeological sites are numerous in Cibuntu Tourism Village is one of the features of tourist appeal. That said, the historic site is a series of flashback locus of the mayor when the way to Mount Ciremai. Archaeological sites are mostly found in the yard of the house residents mostly stone tombs that belonged to the megalithikum. Later on in the stone tombs are found ax Handheld, which is also made of stone. As for some of the archaeological sites obtained from this village many housed in the Museum Cipari. Relating to the distribution sites that are found in the yard of the population, but in fact the presence of archaeological sites that do not interfere with the activity of the locals. On the contrary, these sites are well maintained, even some of the people who become interpreters maintained. The archaeological sites are as follows:

(a) Bujal Dayeuh Site;
(b) HuluDayeuh Site;
(c) Sahurip Kaler Site;
(d) Sahurip Kidul Site;
(e) Cikahuripan Site;
(f) Bongsreng Waterfall

The whole site is related to the story of the origin of Cibuntu Village and the springs that are still awake in the village. According to one informant, the existence of these archaeological sites is maintained by the citizens because many give life and rules for the village community.
Some of the activities tourists do when visiting the Tourism Village Cibuntu include mountain biking, agrotourism, and heritage tour. In this village homestay accommodation serving a wide range of unique culinary Cibuntu village. Tourists can also taste the water directly from the Fountain Cikahuripan. Besides Springs Cikahuripan, in the village there is also a waterfall with a height of over 25 meters . This waterfall called Curug Bongsreng, especially at the edge of the waterfall have been built seat of cement circular orbit. Not to mention the right of the waterfall there is also a lake shaded by large trees.

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