Panjiwa Beach

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Indramayu has a very long coastline from the western end to the eastern end along the north coast. So do not be surprised if many beach attractions. Like the beaches Tirtamaya, Balongan, Karangsong, Eretan and Sumur Adem.

Now there is a new tourist attraction named Panjiwa Sumber Mas Beach. This tourism object was opened on May 5, 2017 by the Village Tourism Movement Group Ilir Kandanghaur District Indramayu District.

This beach is still fairly beautiful because it has recently opened and access to this beach can only be passed by a motorcycle vehicle. While for visitors who use the car should be parked far enough about almost 1 km to Panjiwa Beach Sumber Mas.

Access to these attractions is actually very easy, especially the ordinary path through the pantura Indramayu. If from the direction of Jakarta after the gas station Sumber Mas and MTs Negeri 4 Indramayu (formerly MTs Negeri 1 Kandanghaur) you just turn left.

Approximately 300 meters for you who use the motorcycle turn left to the Dam. Be careful crossing this road because the road is narrow for just one motorcycle vehicle.

After that you follow the path that has not been paved or rocky on the banks of the River. You will be treated to beautiful scenery especially during the afternoon because along the trail there are ponds and mangrove trees and many birds fly around the mangrove trees and the pond.

Entering the beach area there are parking ticket guards managed by Panjiwa Beach Complex Ilir Village Kandanghaur District with a very affordable price of only Rp.2.000 only. Ticket prices are very cheap for the existing attractions in Indramayu.

After parking your motorcycle, you will be treated to a beautiful view to the open sea. Broad sand and beautiful beachside with small coconut trees on the beach add to the beauty of the beach.

The Kompepar Party has placed some seats on the beach to rest the visitors who can also be used to enjoy the beauty of the Java Sea beach with family or loved ones.

In Panjiwa Beach Sumber Mas has been found mosque and place rinse or toilet although still very simple. Rusmana with Kompepar Panjiwa Beach told us "still have problems especially access to enter this place especially during rainy season it will be difficult to enter this place"

In addition there are still obstacles, especially for visitors who use a car vehicle because the location is quite far if you have to walk. But the plan manager will prepare a boat to get to this beach so that visitors can enjoy the beauty through the river up to Panjiwa Beach Sumber Mas.

Intrigued by attractions Panjiwa Beach Sumber Mas this please come directly to the Village Ilir Kandanghaur District Indramayu District. Welcome to Panjiwa Beach Sumber Mas Kandanghaur Indramayu.


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