Plentong Ujunggebang Beach

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Plentong Beach itself is located in Village Ujunggebang District Sukra Indramayu District. To enter this tourist site, if you from the direction of Cirebon stay turn right while in Sukra Market, while you are from the direction of Jakarta stay turn left while in Sukra Market before the bridge.

The road to this tourist attraction has been concreted and paved so that travel time to the beach Plentong not too long, only about 10 -15 minutes you've reached the location of Plentong Beach tourism.

Before arriving to Plentong Beach you will see a large gate that says Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh in Arabic and Ujunggebang writing underneath. Log in to this village. You will enjoy the views of the village clean and neatly arranged although far from the city of Indramayu.

Especially when entering Kampung Bintang, where the house is painted colorful results from the community self-help. Based on Kuwu Village Ujunggebang H. Kusnato's statement that houses, fences, and roads are painted in color is the result of self-help society has not been a touch of the other party.

Arrive at the end of this road, you will enter the area of ​​tourist sites guarded by Village Tourism Development Group Ujunggebang. Entrance ticket to this location is very affordable only 2 thousand rupiah for one motor vehicle and 5 thousand for car.

Plentong beach is still barren but at the east and west end has been planted with mangrove trees amounting to thousands of trees planted since 2015 and along with the planting of mangrove trees in Panjiwa Beach, but because of the maintenance and rarely touchable people then the mangrove forest in Panjiwa Beach faster the height.

The Village Government of Ujunggebang with the tourism promoters group has made some huts on the edge of Plentong Beach to rest the visitors while enjoying the beauty of Java sea and PLTU Sumur Adem.

On this beach there is a pool of water that is equipped with water bikes. Visitors can enjoy the rides of water bikes with a very affordable price that is enough 10 thousand to rent a water bike for two rounds of the pool.

To the east of the pond for the water bike there are several plots of mangrove fields that have not been so large. In the next few years if the mangrove forest is already high this Plentong Beach looks more cool and become an attractive tourist destination in West Indramayu District.

This beach can also be used for camping activities such as when we visited Plentong Beach Village Ujunggebang. In addition to having a fairly wide field camp is also not far from the location of Plentong Beach and is available place adequate toilets.


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