Mosque Manonjaya

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Mosque Manonjaya administratively located in the Village People, Village Manonjaya, District Manonjaya. Astronomically located at coordinates 0202608 and UTM 49: 186 556. Location of the mosque is very easy to reach with a two-and four-wheeled vehicles.

Manonjaya mosque was built in 1832 is closely related to Kingdom of History and the establishment of the Capital Sukapura Tasikmalaya. Until now the mosque or the so-called "people" still stands majestically. Authenticity of the building conditions remained awake and well groomed. Used as a center of religious activities. According to the story, two tower or cupola (tower subscriber / men and tower pawadonan / female) with antique crown still like their original form. Both crown-shaped flower buds at its peak is a result of Sheikh Abdul Muhyi of Goa Pamijahan around the 18th century AD Both the dome "the" has a meaning. Dome of the customer, a special place of worship underneath men, were under the dome Pawadonan places of worship of women. Aside from being a place of worship, is also often used as a place of marriage Manonjaya and surrounding residents. Dome is made of ceramic materials derived from Kawasem Central Java.
Mosque konnstruksi Manonjaya with solid concrete and architectural mix of Islamic culture (Middle East) and Europe. This mosque can accommodate a crowd of 5000 people. Plan a rectangular building with a spacious front porch and have a lot of poles. Wall of concrete with a decorative motif fluted and floral motif. Building floor elevated ± 2.5 m with 6 steps to the main door to the porch through the front. Tile-roofed building looks like a two part because of a colonnaded portico 61 pole, flanked by two towers and the concrete windowless door. Shape rounded poles with a diameter of ± 1.5 m with a height of 5m. Tower has 6 double-sized windows double leaved ± 2m x 1m, made of wood and glass. Door of the room down to the size of ± 3m x 1.5 m. Terbat mosque doors from wood kacadan sized 3m x 1.20 m with double leaf and ventilated at the top. Mosque windows double-leaved wooden latticed with ukuan 2m x 1.5 m. Floor of red tiles measuring 30cm x 30cm. Having a yard large enough to park and additional buildings.
Location: The Village, Village Manonjaya, District Manonjaya
Coordinates: 7 ° 21'4 .4298''S 108 ° 18'25 .8152''E
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