Sisingaan Attractions

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Watch a typical Subang performing arts, Sisingaan. Art is also referred to as Mutual lion or Odong-odong. There is some information about the origin of this Sisingaan, among other things that Sisingaan has relationships with shape people's resistance against the invaders through animal Subang twin lions (the lion is the symbol of the Dutch twins).
In the development of forms, Sisingaan progressively refined, from the simplest form of the twin lion becomes a lion dashing and exciting. Likewise, the bearers Sisingaan, the costume is made with contrasting colors.
Sisingaan become one of the preferred type of show people, especially in events circumcision and marriage. Sisingaan packaged in such a way with the addition of attractions, the most prominent example is Jajangkungan with about 3-4 meters high.
You can browse some of the meaning contained in the performing arts Sisingaan, among them the meaning of social, theatrical, commercial, universal, and spiritual. Learn it all, you will find interesting philosophy behind this famous art.
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