Raden Saleh Tomb

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Tomb easily achieved, with the general four-wheeled vehicles, and continued into the street (alley) approximately 100 m. Environmental cemetery adjacent to the south of the road Raden Saleh (Street Hero) on the south side, on the west and east by the houses, with a total area of ​​¼ acre cemetery. Raden Saleh's tomb is on the Way Heroes, swarms Village, Village Pond, South Bogor sub-district and lies on the line coordinates of 106 º 47 '854 "longitude and 06 ° 36'592" LS.
At the front gate area there are two tombs, the tomb of Raden Saleh and its eastern side there is the tomb of his wife, Raden Ayu Danurejo (daughter of the duke in Nagari Ngayogyakarta). The two graves on the background wall parallel to the memorial tomb was built by Saleh on September 7, 1953. Background wall behind the tomb there were seven brothers. Now being restored tomb as well as background and environment in the vicinity of the gallery was built to store / display the works of Raden Saleh's painting. The restoration was carried out by the Public Facilities Development Project Raden Saleh Mausoleum.
Raden Saleh, a famous painter who had been born in this country. Because in this city early in his career, departing and in Bogor is also the last resting place. Raden Saleh was born in 1807 (1913) in Terboyo, Semarang, Central Java and died on the Bogor on April 23, 1880. Raden Saleh family descendants of the famous Regent and one of his ancestors may have come from Arabic as indicated by the titles listed in Syarief full name: Raden Saleh Syarief Bustaman. In most of his childhood Raden Saleh was raised by his uncle, Prince Duke Sosrohadimenggolo, Regent Terboyo, Semarang. His father was Syed Alwi Bin Bin Home and mother Raden Ayu Sarief Husen Bin Alwi Bin Beginning.
Raden Saleh is one of the first evidence of an interesting persona western Indonesia. He was the first painter Indonesia who have the education, experience, and the name by the Dutch government really recognized. His works adorn many important museums in and outside the country. From some of the kings who ruled in Europe, he got a gift of the stars of honor. In 1969, through the minister of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Government granted a charter gift of art to the Raden Saleh, which entrusted to Ir.Achmad Priyono as one of the descendants of Raden Saleh. However, he is now known as the Father of Modern Painting Indonesia. In a large exhibition in August 1976, in Jakarta for the first time his work exhibited some of former President Sukarno's painting collections, paintings, entitled "Fighting with the Lion" occupy a place of honor. The painting is a large format (3.09 x 2.31) was made in 1870, is now a collection of the Presidential Palace, was once used as a reproduction of a painting exhibition catalog cover a century Indonesian Arts, 1876 -1976, Jakarta Arts Institute.
Raden Saleh's tomb is quite easily achieved and can be used as a cultural attraction. Besides the development of art galleries in these locations can be utilized by the community to enjoy the work of Indonesian artists. To support the convenience of visitors who come it is necessary to build adequate parking, because the visitors who use four-wheel off-street parking public.


Location: Jalan Pahlawan, swarms Village, Village Pond, South Bogor sub-district
Coordinates: 06 ° 36'592 "S, 106 º 47 '854" E
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