Inscription Sand Koleangkak

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Inscription Koleangkak situated ± 24 km west of the city of Bogor, or ± 10 km from the City Leuwiliang or ± 14 km south of the City District Nangung. This inscription is included in Kampung Pasir Gintung RT 02/RW 04, Parakanmuncang Village, District bear. In geogrfis located at coordinates 106 ° 32'46 "E and 06 ° 34'06" LS with a height of ± 485 m above sea level.
Location can be reached using a four-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles. From the city of Bogor Bogor using public transport - Leuwiliang, then followed a general anggkutan Leuwiliang bear, stop at Parakanmuncang (in front of the village chief's house Parakanmuncang). From here walk down the path as far as ± 700 m past the villages, fields, rice paddies, to the Mount Koleangkak. Formerly the area including land Cashew plantations so that the inscription was known by the name of Jambu inscription. Now there's an inscription calling or inscription Sand Sand Koleangkak Gintung by name in a nearby village.
The discovery of this inscription was first reported by J. Rigg in 1854. Later this inscription has been converted script and translated by J.Ph. Vogel (1925) The Earliest Sanskrit Inscription of Java, and by RM Ng. Poerbacaraka (1952) dal; am I. The book History of Indonesia
The inscription carved on the stone andesite, with no form of equilateral triangles, measuring 73 cm high, its sides measuring 290 cm, 264 cm, 240 cm. On the rock surface is relatively flat and have not been through the process of smoothing prior, written inscription of two lines with letters and Language Sangsakerta Pallava, the above posts there is a pair of feet. Contents whose inscriptions:
• criman data krtajnyo narapatir asamo well Purl tarumayan
Namma purnnavarmma pracuraripucarabedyavikhyata cri-
• tasyedam padavimbad'iyamarinagarotsadanenityadaksham
bhaktanam yandripanam bhavati sukhakaram calyabhutam
"Gagah, awesome, and true to his job was a dead man peerless leader, the famous Sri Purnawarman, who once upon a time (to rule) in the shirt zirahnya Taruma and famous (Warman). It can not be penetrated by enemy weapons. This is a pair of legs footprint always managed to storm enemy cities, respect for the prince, but it is a thorn in the flesh of his enemies. "
The inscription does not mention pertanggalan but can be estimated from paleografinya written in the 5th century AD
The inscription which is located at the top of the Mount Koleangkak, standing on an area of ​​± 1500 m² and barbed wire fence as high as 120 cm. Placed on the building (cupola) measuring 6 x 7 m with a palm roof, pole use pillar cast resembles a log, and the floors are cemented gravel stone structure. One of the corner stone inscription has been broken, but it has jointed by the Directorate of Protection and Construction Heritage and Archaeology. Area has been laid out well equipped with the path (of cast cement). Development (cupola) was inaugurated on March 31, 1990 by Drs. Uka Tjandrasasmita (Protection and Development Director Heritage and Archaeology).
From the Mount Koleangkak visible expanse of rice fields, green mountains, rivers Cikasungka, and the City Leuwiliang certainly be an attraction, for tourists. Besides the inscriptions of the kingdom of the century Tarumanegara 4-5 are quite rare, the potential when used as cultural attractions and natural attractions.

Location: Kampung Pasir Gintung RT 02/RW 04, Parakanmuncang Village, District bear
Coordinates: 06 ° 34'06 "S, 106 ° 32'46" E
Direction: ± 24 km west of the city of Bogor, or ± 10 km from City Leuwiliang or ± 14 km south of the City District Nangung
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