Sacred Tomb Beji

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The tomb / Existence Beji Petilasan Mbah Raden, the army's presence is a testament to the history of Islam which are found in many places in Depok. Sacred Tomb of Beji / Petilasan is located on Pecan Road Home, Village Kramat (Kramat Jaya), District Beji. Geographically located at coordinates 106 ° 48'614 "E and 06 ° 23'089" LS with a height of 324 m above sea level.
In addition to the tomb / Existence Beji petilasan Mbah Raden, inside a building are sheltered by the shade of a banyan tree, stored relics of several types of weapons the army of Islam (Bantam). The weapons collection neatly arranged beside Mbah petilasan Raden Being Beji. On the wall inside the building depends on a few strands of the tomb containing the words ever spoken by Mbah advice Raden Being Beji. On the 14th of Maulud, building this tomb visited by pilgrims from various regions, such as the Bantam and Cirebon.
Certain rituals are still carried by some visitors who really believe in this blessed place. Bathing in the seven wells are scattered in the surrounding area is a typical ritual run some pilgrims. Seven wells, the wells are included in the seven sacred wells, is actually a pond fountain. Five wells of which are in the shade of a banyan tree. The community is known by the name of the seven wells, but Kuncen guard sacred wells, and the pilgrims, called the sacred wells with the name "Seven wells Beringin Brackets". Perhaps originally a patirthan which means sacred, never lived nearby the teaching and the hermit. Folklore about Kahuripan cai, who shines like gold water, water that can cure a sick person is still believed, therefore many people come to visit the sacred wells from outside Depok even though, in addition to the pilgrimage to the tomb kramat.
Depok City Government to give attention to this place by putting it in Depok City travel maps, and perform well as fencing of maintenance effort, which is expected to take care of people intrigued.
Sacred Tomb of Beji can be one of the historical evidence of Islam spread in Depok and surrounding areas are still appreciated until now, guarded by a caretaker, not sacred and can be visited any time. Society came to visit in addition to pilgrimage tour will hopefully be able to know about the character of Islam and its role in the spread of Islam in Depok city, then this site should be investigated in order to reveal the role of this figure in the development of Islam in the area of ​​Depok.
Tomb It has evolved into a tourist attraction it is necessary to support the construction of parking facilities for visitors, either in place of the tomb and in the baths (7 springs). The visitors to the 7 sources of water and banyan and Kuncen, is expected to not interfere with religious activities at mosques located in the north.

Location: Pecan Road Home, Village Kramat Jaya, Kecamatan Beji
Coordinates: 06 ° 23'089 "S, 106 ° 48'614" E
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