Sakti Temple

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Widhi monastery is located in Jalan Pajagalan Sakti. It lies at the fork in the road so that the right side of the building located at the edge of the road First Lieutenant. Sobri. Administratively, this monastery included in the Village area Nyomplong, District Warudoyong. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 55'32 "latitude and 106 ° 55'33" longitude.
Vihara Widhi Way is one of the few monasteries in the city of Sukabumi. This monastery is a place of worship the Mahayana school of Buddhism that the majority of his people are ethnic Chinese groups. Building area of ​​about 900 m2 was first built in 1916 is still small sized. Then in 1986 the building underwent a renovation and expansion. This monastery is owned and managed by the Foundation Widhi Way.
In general, this building is dominated Chinese traditional elements of strong like-dragon-shaped ornament, use of red and yellow, and the roof of the saddle horse show this. Two stupas on the roof shows the characteristic place of religious worship. Stupa is also present in multistory buildings located on the southeast part of the monastery building pagodas.
The building is divided into two parts, namely the worship and the profane. At the front door there is a swastika decoration. Section contains the liturgy of worship such as statues of gods and altar offerings and lanterns with the dominant color in this room is a bright red color. Poles in this room bright red. Meanwhile, other parts for the affairs of everyday activities such as foundation office.
Aside from being a place of worship, the temple is often done an arts and cultural nuances of the Chinese. One example is the art barongsay activities regularly practiced and displayed on this site.


Location: Road Pajagalan, Village Nyomplong, Warudoyong District, Sukabumi
Coordinates: 6 ° 55'32 "S, 106 ° 55'33" E
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