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Assembly Church of Christ is located at Jalan Masjid and administratively included in the Village of Mount Parang, District Cikole. Church building is located approximately 100 m north of the Great Mosque of Sukabumi. In the west and east there are two streets, while in the north and south of the church there is a settlement. Astronomically located at coordinates 06 ° 55'13, 8 "latitude and 106 ° 55'31, 7 BT.
The church is a place of worship for followers of Christianity. This religion is embraced by most of the immigrants from Europe at that time. For the needs of worship is, in Sukabumi there are several church buildings. One of these churches is the Church of Christ Assembly. This church is a place of worship for followers of Protestant Christianity was established in 1911. At first this church does not belong to the Order of Christ Assembly. During the Japanese (1942 - 1945) church building is used as a warehouse by the Japanese army. After the occupation of Japan, Indonesia entered the era of independence with the Declaration of Independence. Since Indonesia's independence until now, the building functioned more as a church for the congregation of Christ Church Assembly. Now owned and managed by the Foundation of Christ Church Assembly.
Assembly Church of Christ is equipped with a fenced page. Most of the elements of the original church building still. Church building facing south. The church is built on a high base, a massive permanent walls, doors and windows are large enough. In the face of a high building there is tapered at the top, and on top of this there is a clock banguan large enough. The rooms in the church not only worship space, but also there is another room, such as offices. In accordance with its function, various religious activities held in this church. Other activities related to religious activities, such as music and choir performed in this church.

Location: Village of Mount Parang, Cikole District, Sukabumi
Coordinates: 06 ° 55'13, 8 "S, 106 ° 55'31, 7 E
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