Graveyard Dalem Cikundul

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Dalem Cikundul is a pretty important figure in the history of Cianjur. He is the first and last palace of Padaleman Cianjur Mataram during the transition of power to the VOC for Priangan. Padaleman Cianjur which in then turned into Cianjur. His descendants eventually became a successor of Regents Cianjur office holders in the Dutch period.
The tomb is located in Kampung Dalem Cikundul Majalaya, Cijajang Village, District Cikalong Kulon. To reach the location of graves relatively easy. Paved roads have reached the village Astronomically located at coordinates 06 ° 42'02 "latitude and 107 ° 10'52, 8" BT.
The tomb which is pretty much visited by pilgrims is located at the top of Elephant Hill Sand hill is flanked by the river Cikalong on the west side and south, the east side of the moor land, while the northern part of the forest. In addition to the tomb of the main character is at the bottom there are also many graves. This tomb complex is almost blend with the rural residential area only separated by the river Cikalong.
Tomb complex has undergone renovation beberpa times. Restoration was last conducted in 1984 by Moeslim Thaher, a member of the DPA. Tomb complex stretching from south to north and is equipped with a fence. Undulating topography around the complex tombs and tomb complex sloping, rising further to the north. At the bottom there is the tomb of postal managers, gates, and mosques. Of these pilgrims heading toward the palace tomb Cikundul through terraced streets are divided into two parts / lines that are separated by an iron barrier, namely sections for women and men. On the right side of the road this terraced found many graves. Up on the top, found a permanent building cupola berdenah rectangle large enough to the south which contains the tomb of Dalem Cikundul. The building is quite divided into two, namely patio / porch and the main building. The main building is equipped with two doors. Door located to the east reserved for female pilgrims, while the door in the western part of the male pilgrims. Also a separate room for pilgrims in men and women are limited by insulating walls as high as about 1 m. In the middle of the main room there are grave Dalem Cikundul. The tomb is surrounded by a trellis fence and equipped with a door in the west. The tomb is covered with white cloth, so is the second gravestone grave marker. Pengeramatan of the tomb is so high that the officers did not dare open the manager of the tomb of white cloth wrapping headstone.
Address: Bukit Pasir Gajah, Kampung Majalaya, Cijajang Village, District Cikalong Kulon
Coordinates: 06 ° 42'02 "S, 107 ° 10'52, 8" E
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