Bhumi Vihara Pharsjia

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Pharsjia Bhumi Vihara is located at Jalan Mangunsarkoro No. 60 which is administratively located in the village of Meron Bojong, Village Bojong Meron, District Cianjur City. Vihara is situated in the middle of settlement on the west, and on the north, east, and south of the shopping environment in the form of business activity. It lies in the middle of the city Cianjur very easy to reach with a two-wheeled vehicles and four wheel. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 49 '18 "S, 107 ° 8' 30" E.
This monastery is a place of Buddhist worship which most adherents is among the ethnic Chinese. Monastery was built in 1880 and till now it has undergone several restoration. In general, the monastery buildings that are owned and managed by Bhumi Vihara Foundation Pharsjia well maintained and function as a place of worship is still held here.
Building the monastery is surrounded by a wall and facing east with the gate on the east side. Monastery is divided into two parts, namely the page and monastery buildings. This page is located at the front of the monastery in the form of a rectangular area. The second part is the monastery buildings that contain equipment worship. Influence of Chinese architecture is demonstrated by the construction, decoration, and color dominate this monastery. Saddle-shaped roof, ornate dragons and other fauna, as well as at the touch of decoration floralnya thick Chinese style. In addition, the color that dominates the red and yellow lights.
Location: Road No. Mangunsarkoro. 60, Kampung Bojong Meron, Meron Bojong Village, Cianjur District of the City
Coordinates: 6 ° 49 '18 "S, 107 ° 8' 30" E.
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