Graveyard Syech Quro

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Falkirk in the Islamic period is also an important area. Caravam harbor that has existed since the time of the Kingdom of Sunda seems to continue to play until the Islamic period. One of the archaeological site of Islam in Karachi is the tomb Syech Quro. According to the text contained in the panel in front of the tomb complex, full name is Syech Qurotul Syech Quro Ain. According Purwaka Caruban Nagari script, Syech Quro is a scholar who was also named Sheikh Hasanudin. He is the son of the great scholars of Islam from the state university named Syech Joseph Campa Siddik extant lineages with Jamaluddin and Syech Jalaluddin Syech great scholars of Mecca. In the year 1418 arrived in the Port Estuary Teak, Cirebon area. Not long at Muara Teak, then go to Karachi and founded the boarding school. Mentioned that the location of former boarding school located in the Village Syech Quro Talagasari, District Talagasari, Falkirk. In Karachi known as Syech Quro because he is a man who memorized the Quran (hafidz) and simultaneously qori a melodious voice. Another source said that Syech Quro come in Java in 1416 aboard a fleet of Admiral Cheng Ho was sent Chinese Emperor Cheng Tu or Yung Lo (third king of the Ming Dynasty). Cheng Ho's main purpose trip to Java in order to make friends with the kings of China's neighbors across the sea. Group of soldiers carrying fleet is 27,800 people, one of which contained a scholar who wanted to spread Islam in Java. Given a Muslim Zheng He, along with a request Syech Quro retinue boarded his ship was granted. Syech Quro its retinue down in Karachi port, while the Chinese fleet continued the trip and anchored in the harbor estuary Teak Cirebon.
In Karachi in the year 1338 Saka (1416 AD) founded the school in Pura Dalem, cottage named Quro which means a place to learn the Koran. Syech Quro is Mahzhab Hanafi adherents, who came with an adopted child named Tan aka Go Syech large splotch. From his wife who named Siu Yo Te has a daughter named Sie Ban Ci. Syech Quro then married to Ratna Sondari and Akhmad Syech born prince who became the first in Karachi.
After doing Islamisation in Falkirk Syech Quro then live alone in Kampung Pulobata, Pulokalapa. In this village he did ujlah to draw closer to God in order to obtain the perfection of life. This he did so until death.
The tomb was discovered by Raden Syech Quro Sumareja (Father Jiin) and Syech Tolha on Saturday end of the month Sha'ban 1859. Maybe because it was found on Saturday then until now on every Saturday many people who make pilgrimages. Tomb complex is located in residential areas Pulobata Village, Village Pulokalapa, District Weak Brother precisely at coordinates 06 ° 15 '101' south latitude and 107 ° 28 '900 "East Longitude.
Tomb complex located in an area of ​​2566 m2 which borders the northern settlements, east, south and west of the fields. Tomb complex is located on the south lane. Before entering the tomb complex contained a very large page serves as a vehicle parking space for pilgrims. On the edge of the parking lot there are rows of stalls that provide food as well as objects for purposes of worship such as prayer beads, caps, mukena, koko, and books. In addition to the edge of the parking lot, in fact already provided a special place to sell a similar traditional markets. Selling the land is located to the east of the tomb complex. Selling activity seems to live on every Friday night through Saturday, because on that day is the peak day pilgrimage implementation.
The complex tombs lined the front of the green wall. The architecture of the curved wall with a certain distance so that the curvature of the arch formed several peaks. At each peak of the curved fence decorated with a sort of dome of the mosque. The sides of the fence arch decorated with calligraphy. Upper entrance is also curved, but the curve is the reverse with the curved fence.
In the west gate entrance there is one of the seven sacred wells in the tomb complex. In the east gate entrance of the memorial panels of the invention there is the tomb complex. On the panel were also written warning Quro Syech message that reads: "Ingsun titip mosque violate lan poor orphans orphans".
In the courtyard of the mosque and tomb complex contained Syech Quro cupola tomb. For objects that are living monuments, all the buildings in the tomb complex is always evolving following the situation. Building cupola tomb Syech Quro as a core building new buildings, divided into three parts. The front part is open, the center is a room for prayer, and the inside of the tomb Syech Quro. The pilgrims are not allowed to enter the room Syech Quro tomb, pilgrims leave it at the front door of the room. Front door there are some things to like a place of pilgrimage burning incense, place some plastic mineral water that contains water from sacred wells, and the wooden box shodaqoh. Sepulcher tomb measuring 2.70 x 2.25 m. Nisan wrapped in white cloth. Height 85 cm gravestone. In addition to the cupola of the tomb there is one called wells sacred wells awisan. The well diameter of 1 m.

Location: Kampung Pulobata, Pulokalapa Village, Kecamatan Abang Weak
Coordinates: 06 ° 15 '101 "S, 107 ° 28' 900" E
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