Graveyard Syech Bentong

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Besides Syech Quro in Karachi is also known figure named Syech large splotch. Syech large splotch also called by the name Panembahan Pulomasigit or Syech Darugem. According to oral tradition societies, Syech large splotch was a disciple closest Syech Quro which later became the adopted son. It was he who accompanied Syech Quro in doing ujlah in Kampung Pulobata, Pulokalapa. After Syech Quro death may he continue Islamization around Pulokalapa until death. So he was buried in Kampung Pulobata, Pulokalapa.
Syech tomb complex called the Sacred Pulomasigit large splotch of the northern tomb complex Syech Qura, precisely at coordinates 06 ° 15 '022' south latitude and 107 ° 28 '915 "East Longitude. The tomb is in building large splotch Syech cupola measuring 9 x 12 m. To enter the page cupola tomb through the entrance gate located on the south side. Building cupola consists of three rooms. The front room is an open foyer. The middle room is the room where the pilgrims. Most space in an enclosed space where the tomb Syech large splotch. The pilgrims are not allowed to enter the tomb chamber. At the entrance there is a place of burning incense or incense. Ash residue deposited on a pot that seemed made of pottery. Building cupola is a new building. Floors and some walls dilapi white ceramic.
In the east there is the tomb of the mosque building measuring 12 x 12 m. The roof of the mosque shaped tajug overlapping two. At the four corners of the roof there is a kind of tower. Behind the mosque there is a sacred wells. The well is located in the middle of the pond. The pilgrims who will take the well water must pass through the ponds. In the west the building cupola tomb also contained large splotch Syech building. The mosque has a special room for women pilgrims (pawestren). The roof of the mosque-shaped main building tajug overlapping two. Pawestren room located in the northern part of elongated pyramid-roofed mosque.

Location: Kampung Pulobata, Karawang regency.
Coordinates: 06 ° 15 '022 "S, 107 ° 28' 915" E
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