Sian Vihara Djin Kupoh

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Falkirk as one of the important port city visited by many foreign traders including from China. The traders from China is there that lives in Karachi. Due to the increasing number of settlers from China it would require a place of worship for them. Monastery as a place of worship of the Chinese community was first established in Falkirk is a monastery Sian Kupoh Djin. This monastery is located in Castle Village, Village Tanjungpura, District of West Marton, precisely at the position 06 ° 16 '556' south latitude and 107 ° 16 '032 "East Longitude. Geomorfologis conditions of low river plain. Citarum river flowing to the west of the monastery complex. In the southwest is the confluence of the monastery complex and Cibeet Citarum. To reach this location is very easy because it is located on the main route Karachi - Jakarta. From the highway then passes the village road to the south as far as about 100 m.
Monastery complex located facing eastward in an area of ​​about 5000 m2. In front of the monastery complex there is ample parking. Entrance into the monastery complex is a very distinctive red color with saddle-shaped roof consists of two flats. At the top there is a signboard with the inscription lettered China. At the top of the board are included in 1986 figures. On the right and left entrance gate there is a statue Kilin.
After entering the gate, there are pages in the middle of the altar there Thian Seng is the altar to worship the Almighty God. At the northwest corner and southwest of this page are the combustion of paper. Furthermore, from the pages open out into the room. Some of the pillars of the roof of this room decorated with dragon melilitnya. At the very front of the altar there Mun Sen (Doormen Gods). In the west (in) Munsen altar altar there are three natural ruler (Sam Tay Kwan Teu).
The next room is a place of worship to Sian Kupoh Djin. There are altars God of Earth (Thuthi Kung Pa) in the form of a boat berrelief Luk Hok Shu meaningful luck, wealth, and longevity. At the altar Sian Djin Kupoh no statues, only the burning of incense. In the northeast corner of the bronze bells hung in 1437 and created a kind of bronze plate in 1892. On the ceiling hung a few objects such as lamps and lanterns. On the back of the room there Kupoh Sian Djin whose function room again for a gathering place of the monks and teecu.
To the north of this building there are buildings where worship to the Buddha. In the west of the main building there is another building where the altar Dewi Kwan Im (Awalokiteswara). On the back a little to the north there is the altar Liung Pakung Shen (God of the Dragon). On the altar there is a pair of dragons.
Regarding the development history of this monastery is not known. Told that in about 1700 traders from clan Elan, Kho, and Ciau came in Falkirk then build a monastery. At first, facing the river (west). In the 1800s a fire. Built again by following the rules of hong shui hadapnya then changed direction to the east (the direction of life). Restoration after a fire took place in 1863 to 1865. Now this temple is managed by the Foundation Sian Kupoh Djin.
Sian Djin Kupoh monastery is a place of worship for the followers of Mahayana Buddhism. In order to provide an atmosphere praying fervently in the foundation put an announcement in a few walls that read: "In order to maintain order and devoutness in prayer, please to the visitor / teecu / people to not give money to beggars in the temple area of ​​the region". With the appeal it is implied that the sanctity of the monastery still maintained only intended as a place of prayer, especially the Mahayana Buddhists are adherents of the majority of immigrants from China. Aside from being a place of worship as well as residence Rochaniwan Mahayana Buddhism (monks) and a place to educate prospective priest.

Location: Kampung Benteng, Tanjungpura Village, Falkirk District West
Coordinates: 06 ° 16 '556' S, 107 ° 16 '032 "E
Directions: The main point Karawang - Jakarta, then pass through the village streets to the south as far as about 100 m.
Facilities: parking
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