Tomb and the Cave Pamijahan

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Administratively located in Village Pamijahan, Pamijahan Village, District Bantarkalong. Astronomically located at coordinates 0177650 and UTM 49: 9162411.

The site is located in a rural area that utilized their area as a residential population, markets, fields, fields, and forests. The area occupies a hilly and undulating land. Sites visited include quite crowded visitors. To reach to a location accessible from the highway can only be reached by foot to the tomb of about 500m, while towards the cave about 2 km.
Pamijahan is a natural cave and tomb of Muslim missionaries. Tomb Safardi Wali Allah, his family and retinue. Situated in a rectangular building. Outside the buildings around it are the tombs of the family. Tombs in building the first layer amounted to 24, then the second layer of a total of 11 rooms, and the third layer is the main tomb tertup wall again. Pamijahan Goa is located sufficiently far from the tomb, has a mouth of the cave is quite wide and high. Inside the cave man can stand upright with stalactite and stalagmite solid. Goa is quite in the rooms as if sealed as a hermitage, boarding schools, mosque, the pulpit, the holes like mulaut cave in the cave (the story goes, the hole is the pass towards Bantam, Cirebon, even Mecca), has clear springs (known as zam zam water). Lane road in a cave flowing water and rocky.
In oral history, Pamijahan cave is the cave that was once the dwelling place of Sheikh Abdul Qodir Jaelani ± 200 before Sheikh H. Abdul Muhyi received religious knowledge from his teacher, Sheikh Imam Sanusi. The location of the cave in the foothills of Mount Mujarod. The word means appeasement mujarod because in the cave that was Sheikh Abdul Muhyi often draw closer to God or meditate. Then word comes from the period prior pamijahan his life, namely Saparwadi. Saparwadi derived from Arabic, meaning Sapar road and wadi means valley or ravine or into the road above the ravine.

Location: Kampung Pamijahan, Pamijahan Village, District Bantarkalong
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Directions: To reach to a location accessible from the highway can only be reached by foot to the tomb of about 500 m, whereas towards the cave about 2 miles.
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