Aria Dynasty tomb Goparana

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Aria Dynasty tomb is located in Block Coral Goparana Beurit Jackfruit, Village Sagalaherang Kaler, District Sagalaherang. Because in Coral Block Beurit Jackfruit, then this site better known as the Sacred Nangka Beurit. Tomb complex at the edge of the village near the rice field exactly at coordinates 06 ° 39'59 "south latitude and 107 ° 39'05" East Longitude.
To get to the tomb, after the arch-shaped entrance that moment at the end of the village, then through the trail that has been plastered. On the right road is the area of ​​rice fields, was in left the road about 4 m. deep ravine In the ravine there are many plant fruits such as durian, rose apple, jackfruit and nutmeg. The path that must be passed this away about 500 m. At the end of the path until you reach the tomb complex society there are several tombs. Jackfruit Beurit Sacred tomb complex surrounded by a fence with a gate entrance located on the southern part of the complex. Arch-shaped entrance to a metal door equipped paduraksa. Inside the complex there is a public cemetery. Common graves were equipped sepulcher berjirat some are not. The tomb is not generally equipped berjirat tombstone there is a long flat rock shaped like a cleaver.
In the southeastern part of the tomb complex there are several graves that are in a walled area. Figures are buried in that section is the caretaker. Gate entrance to the tomb complex of the caretaker paduraksa gate. Aria Goparana Dynasty tomb located in the northwestern part of the tomb complex. The tomb is in a permanent building with a cupola roof tiles overlap of material. The entrance is on the east cupola. On the north wall, west, and south there are glass windows. Aria Dynasty tomb conditions Goparana hard to see because it covered mosquito net. Nisan tomb wrapped in white cloth so that its shape is difficult to know. In the east cupola Aryan Dynasty tomb contained Goparana mushala building named Mushala Al-Ikhlas. The entire complex of buildings in this cemetery restoration is a new building was held on March 25, 1984 and its inauguration on May 27, 1984.
Arya Wangsa Goparana is propagator of Islam in Sagalaherang figures. This figure is the son of Sunan Wanaperi, king of Talaga. In Talaga, Arya Goparana Dynasty was the first to embrace Islam. When he gets a lesson from the Sunan Gunungjati. In 1530 he travels to the west in order to spread Islam. The region covers diislamkannya Subang, Pagaden, Purwakarta, Cianjur, Sukabumi, and Limbangan. When that area is an area of ​​Sumedang kingdom bans. Arya Wangsa Goparana lose five sons namely Entol Goparana Dynasty, Wiratanudatar, Yudanegara, Cakradiparana, and Yudamanggala. Son Aryan Goparana Wangsa is then spread into the area Limbangan, Cijegang (Cikalongkulon), Cikundul and other places. In the new place, a lot of Aryan descent Goparana Dynasty who became an important person as regent and great scholars.

Location: Village Sagalaherang Kaler, District Sagalaherang
coordinates: 06°39'59 "S, 107°39'05" E
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Directions: After going through the arch-shaped entrance that moment on the edge of the village, past the path that has been plastered. Its location close to the rice field area on the right and left-deep ravine in the depth of 4 m.
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