Tomb grandparent Dalem Rangga Dipa

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Follow the story of a soldier Mataram, Grandmother Rangga Dipa. That said, he was a warrior king of Mataram Sultan Agung who participated in the attack to Batavia. In the first attack that occurred in 1628, Batavia at that time controlled by the Dutch colonizers and defeat the forces of Mataram. Only in the second attack in 1629, Mataram received help from troops and forces Dipati Ukur Mutual Shoulder (Navy Agency) and won. Finally, all the troops back to their respective regions, except Grandmother Rangga Dipa stranded in a small hamlet Selahaur with his wife and two children. They finally settled down and opened the farm there until it died and was buried. Around this site you will get three wells, the wells of Glory, Ageless, and Pengasihan, which is usually used by visitors to wash my face (bath) after a pilgrimage to the tomb Grandmother Rangga Dipa.
Location: Kampung Selahaur, Jabong Village, Subang District
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