Ancient Tomb Gelok

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Come to the Tomb of Ancient Gelok and hear stories about other soldiers Mataram. That said, the character named Suramanggala who moved to Cirebon due urgency and dubbed the arrival of the Dutch colonial Wangsakerta VI. When there is war, he fled with menghayutkan themselves into the river and end up stranded in Subang Area. Here he established a stronghold in the region Cipunagara and, together Wangsakerta, Wangsakerti, Wangsaniti, and Nyi Nyi Mas Mas Queen or Princess Mantia, establishing a similar village with a small kingdom in the area Gelok (a meandering river which was built by a princess ) and until the end of life buried in the Territory Gelok and is now used as a place of pilgrimage.
Location: Kampung Maranggi, Kosambi Village, District Cipunagara
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