Buffalo Racing in Côte Cipatujah

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Buffalo racing is a traditional culture that developed in line with local potential Cipatujah as buffalo breeding areas. Race buffalo buffalo ranchers actual event in filling their leisure needs in times when leisure, accompanied by drums on Disabled folk art such as, beans and dogdog.
Race buffalo buffalo-related agrotourism 40 hectares are still in the area Cipatujah Coast, in which we can see and learn how the ways of raising buffalo ranchers with traditional approaches. The tourists who visit this area can also enjoy the show cohabiting, which gathered together the buffalo and the buffalo ranchers.
Other attractions that can be done at the Beach Cipatujah up the buffalo are owned by farmers, and try to compete to be among fellow bull rider tourists who come to this area. This attraction is in great demand by tourists who come, especially from foreign tourists. This attraction is a rare attraction in the country of origin of tourists, because maybe there is no buffalo could be used for races like this Cipatujah Coast.
Cipatujah beach town located south of Tasikmalaya precisely in districts Cipatujah village district Cipatujah Tasikmlaya with distance less than 74km from the town of Tasikmalaya or about 179km from the city of Bandung with route-Rajapolah Ciawi-City-Talbot-Cibalong Tasikmalaya-Coral-Batununggal nunggal-Cipatujah.

Location: Village Cipatujah, District Cipatujah
Coordinates: 7 ° 43 '28 "S, 108 ° 1' 42" E
Phone: (0265) 330165
Email: -
Internet: kabtasikmalaya@westjava-indonesia.com
Directions: Approximately 74 km from the town of Tasikmalaya, or about 179 km from the city of Bandung with a route-Rajapolah Ciawi-Tasikmalaya-Talbot-Cibalong-Karangnunggal-Batununggal-Cipatujah
Facilities: -
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More Information: Tourism Office of Tasikmalaya Regency, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.2, Tasikmalaya


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