Tomb Raden Arya Wiralodra

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Raden Aryan tomb complex located on Block Karangbaru Wiralodra, Sindang Village, District Sindang precisely at the coordinates 06 º 19 '981' south latitude and 108 º 19 '327 "East Longitude. Tomb complex located on the settlement. To the south, east, and north is residential, while to the west is vacant land used for the garden.
State of the tomb had experienced twice restoration. The first restoration was done in 1965 and the second in 1985. All of the existing cemetery has undergone a complete overhaul.
Tomb complex surrounded by a fence wall with entrance gates on the south side. Once inside the tomb complex through the gate will be up on the front porch Aryan Wiralodra cupola tomb which is a new building. Dome is facing east. Inside the cupola partitioned into two rooms are connected by the entrance without a door. Cupola entrance straight to the room south. In this room there is the tomb of Ki Tinggil. Through the connecting door located at the east end room divider, will enter the room north of where the tomb of Aryan Wiralodra I was. Both are equally grave was renovated. Tomb-shaped tiled terraces. As the tomb of Islam in general, the two tombs are oriented north-south.
In the northeast cupola cupola tombs Wiralodra I have other facing to the west where there is grave Wiralodra III. In the vicinity of the two cupola found many graves which are the tombs of relatives Wiralodra.
The story of Arya Wiralodra, according to the Chronicle Dermayu, closely related to the founding of the city of Indramayu. Arya Wiralodra Tumenggung mentioned as the third son of the Crow Singalodra Banyuurip, Bagelen, Central Java. Arrival Wiralodra to Indramayu, when it has not become the city, accompanied by Ki Tinggil seoranga Panakwannya. Wiralodra when it comes on the banks of the river Cimanuk choose a location to open the forest to the west of the river. The area was eventually developed into the township. Sometime back to Bagelen Wiralodra, Ki Tinggil remained in Cimanuk. After the death of Darma Endang Wiralodra then came to settle in the village. In addition to farming Endang Darma teaches science kanuragan (kedigjayaan) to the community.
The existence of Endang Darma in Cimanuk Tinggil Ki-reporting by the Aryan Wiralodra. Accompanied by some of his brother, Arya Wiralodra back to Cimanuk. Having arrived, met with Endang Darma, Wiralodra invited to test the magic with losing records when he became assistant Wiralodra Endang Darma. Conversely, if Endang Darma lose, then he became a wife Wiralodra. Finally Endang Darma can be defeated. Finally Arya Dharma Endang Wiralodra make as a wife. When that Arya is the vice-royal Wiralodra Sundanese (Galuh) in Cimanuk.
Another source explained that representatives of Aryan Wiralodra is stationed in the area Demak Indramayu (Cimanuk) as part of the strategy carried Demak Islamization in Java. In addition, as measures of political competition in connection with trade with the Portuguese who was then (1511) has taken over Malacca.
According to the Chronicle Dermayu, change the name of Indramayu Cimanuk be closely related to the Aryan wife Endang Wiralodra named Darma. At one time the Kingdom of Sunda-Hinda predominantly Buddhist, experienced political shocks. Many residents are turning to the religious beliefs of Islam. Some areas away from power, such as Cirebon (1521 AD). This situation is exploited by Arya Wiralodra to escape from King Cakraningrat (King Galuh) and later the name was changed to Indramayu Cimanuk. Indramayu name is taken from the name of the wife Wira Dharma ¬ lodra Endang also called Darma Ayu. Based on the lan ¬ panggi name, area Dermayu Cimanuk then called the end of ¬ it into Indramayu. Arya Wiralodra became the head region with a degree Indrawijaya. The incident occurred on October 7, 1527. That date by the local government serve as the anniversary of Indramayu.
By considering the historical background, it is very feasible if makes Aryan Wiralodra tomb as one of the destination (destination) in Indramayu cultural attractions. Expected to visit and understand the story of the Aryan Wiralodra people will understand more about Indramayu.

Location: Block Karangbaru, Sindang Village, District Sindang
Coordinates: 06 º 19 '981' S, 108 º 19 '327 "E
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