Tomb of Prince Salawe

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Prince Salawe tomb complex located in the Village Dermayu, District Sindang. This location is at coordinates 06 º 20 '212' south latitude and 108 º 19 '150 "East Longitude. Morphological low plain area with a height of about 3 m above sea level. Formerly the area around the tomb complex is a small drain Cimanuk River. Since the dam was built in the Lombard, diverted the river flow. Regional distribution of rock lithology is a young river sediments results in the form of sand, silt, and clay brown. Tomb complex located in a common grave. West and north of the tomb complex is a settlement, while the south and east is a public cemetery.
Tomb complex located on a parcel of land with an area of ​​320 m2, fenced wall measuring 20 x 16 m with a height of 1.5 m. To enter through the entrance comes curtain (shutter) located on the west side. The situation today is the result of improvement (restoration) is carried out in July 1976. On the site there are 24 graves that are divided into 4 blocks. Block I is located in the northwestern part of the complex comprises four sepulcher tomb with terraces. Tombs main character is Prince Nata Wirya Religion Teachers, which is believed to come from Palembang is located in the northernmost block of I (grave number 1). To the south (grave number 2) is believed to be grave Endang Darma Ayu. Block II is located on the east block I comprised eight grave without a sepulcher (tomb number 5 - 12). Block III is located in the south block II comprises two graves are also without a sepulcher (tomb number 13-14). Block IV is located in the southernmost part of the complex made up 10 graves. Sepulcher tomb number 24 is equipped with staircase. Grave number 23 has a double headstone decorated with floral motifs and geometric form of a star with eight corners.
Inside the tomb complex there are some old trees and sapodilla kecik acid. There are trees on the southeast corner of rattan. According to the story the tree is a stick rattan Prince Nata Wirya Religion Teacher who was buried and then grow. There are mengeramatkannya pilgrims, so after returning from a pilgrimage would take a piece of rattan to be used as amulets.
The story of Prince Selawe in essence that is related to the presence in Cimanuk Endang Darma. This was heard by Prince Teacher in Palembang. Together with 24 students went to Cimanuk with the aim to test the magic Endang Darma, but in Cimanuk to twenty-four (24) students and their teacher Prince Prince Darma Endang Teachers can be defeated.
Regarding the figures Endang Darma, Dermayu Chronicle explains that Endang Darma has another name Rachael Gumilang, Queen Sakti, and Mas Queen Gandasari. Purwaka Caruban Nagari mentioned that Mas is the sister of Queen Gandasari Fadlillah Khan, son of Maulana Malik Ibrahim bin Ibrahim Mahdlar. Thus Endang Darma was the grandson of Maulana Malik Ibrahim. As for Prince Teacher, Dermayu Babad explained that he was living in Javanese Palembang. Professor Prince has another name Aryan Dilah, Wikramawardhana son, the king of Majapahit who was assigned as governor in Palembang.
Regarding the Aryan Dilah, Sajarah Bantam told that there are women in Majapahit incarnation which is used as concubines by the giant king of Majapahit. When a woman is pregnant, eating raw meat and then transformed into shape. For fear of getting caught the woman escaped and gave birth to son named Ki Dilah. As adults Ki Dilah and acceptable to the Majapahit kings. Ki Dilah named Arya Damar and later was appointed viceroy in Palembang. Babad Tanah Jawi told that the king of Majapahit award to Arya Damar one of his concubines, a Chinese princess is pregnant. In Palembang Chinese princess that gave birth to a boy named Raden Patah. While the Arya Damar also have a boy named Raden Husin. The story of the origin of fracture according to the Chronicle Demak Raden also associated with the Arya Damar. Told that Arya Damar was the adopted son of UB is assigned as the duke in Palembang. Arya Damar but given the post was also given to diperistri Chinese princess. Chinese princess is one of UB's concubine. When a Chinese princess in a situation pregnant with UB. In Palembang Chinese princess gave birth to son named Raden Patah.
Based on various sources that there can be presumed that prince or Aryan Master Dilah also named Arya Damar, a close relative (son or cousin) king of Majapahit, which is believed to be representative of Majapahit (duke) in Palembang. He is also the father (adoptive) Raden Patah. Both Sajarah Bantam and Babad Tanah Jawi does not tell the death of Aryan (Ki) Dilah, just tell the Chronicle that the death of Prince Dermayu Teachers (Arya Dilah) because of the war against Endang Darma.

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