Tomb Tambi Buyut

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The tomb in the village of Yang Tambi Tambi, District Sliyeg Jatibarang-lane road on Indramayu. Tambi Buyut Keletakan tomb is at coordinates 06 º 28 '651' south latitude and 108 º 20 '233 "East Longitude. Morphology of the area is low plain. Around the site are dense settlements. Brick walled tomb complex at about 2.5 m. In front of a tomb complex terrain. Gate to enter the tomb complex on the east side consists of two entrances. The main gate located to the south. In the north there is another gate. Both gates are shaped gate koriagung (arch-roofed). Garnish the top of the summit there were four.
Tomb complex is divided into three pages. The road is on the first page and second comes the corridor. In the corridor there is a right and left the building open for the pilgrims. On the second page on the north side there is mushala. On the third page, is almost entirely located in the building open. In this section there are barriers to separate the pilgrims. The southern part of the third page is a part open, there are five graves. Tambi Buyut tomb was in the third page, in the north of the page. The tomb is located on the ceramic-walled room. The entrance is on the south side of the locked state which, when opened must knowledge and permission Interpreter Lock (Kuncen) because it is very sacred. On the south wall is decorated with patches of ceramic plates. At the front door of the cupola there are various completeness of pilgrimage such as incense burning furnace, water bottles, and other small objects.
Tambi Buyut historical background is not well known. Society does not dare tell Buyut Tambi lunge for fear of bad consequences if she told is not true. Some people mentioned that Yang Tambi was a puppeteer skin. Tambi Buyut origins may never be known with certainty. Dalah who then opened land settlements at that time still empty. So, since then, grown children and grandchildren Buyut Tambi in the village. In honor of the late Buyut Tambi, dinamakanlah village as the village of Tambi.
Although most residents of this village livelihood as a laborer, who owned an art blood Buyut Tambi was still flowing strong. Thus, it is not surprising that behind their simple appearance, saved proficiency dancing, singing, playing various musical instruments, sculpture, until a performer. The interesting thing, the determination of the locksmith's grave Buyut Tambi conducted the auction. Caretaker tenure of 2 years.
At certain times people do munjungan. Munjungan uniqueness lies in the ritual order. The pilgrims ate together in the ancestral tomb complex, while watching a variety of art performances, like shadow puppets, dance masks, Tarling, to dangdut, the players are the families, children and grandchildren Buyut Tambi.
Tomb Buyut Tambi very well visited by pilgrims from Indramayu district but also from other regions, in order munjungan and just nyekar. The difference between munjungan and nyekar is time implementation. If nyekar only be done before the month of Ramadan, then munjungan timeless. When I can. However, the most frequently performed in the Javanese calendar month of Muharram. Month of Muharram is the month when the second crop after each year. So munjungan activities can be run smoothly. This corresponds well with the cost shared by the whole family.
On the day of the munjungan, usually the whole family, both located in Indramayu own territory, and which has spread in other places, will come from a few days before, to make preparations. What does is the division of tasks, preparation stage, until the sequence of events and who will be skill performance on the day. So on the appointed day, since morning, the family began flocking to bring typical food, like a cone, grilled chicken, until the ointment (a mixture of several kinds of boiled vegetables flavored with chilies and grated coconut).
Uniquely well as each food carried, previously reported to a representative of the family which is right at the graveside, to take a little and put on a banana leaf and placed near the tomb that has fragrant because of the smell of incense is burned. The food is then brought to the front of the stage, where relatives had gathered with their luggage. Without command again, the event after event runs smoothly. All took part to skill performance in the order that has been agreed in advance. A variety of art displayed, ranging from singing, dance, comedy, puppets, dangdut, and others.
Exactly at 12.00 pm all activity is stopped for a moment to begin the luncheon. Then the event took place the exchange of side dishes while interrupted sendagurau (joke). After lunch, the event was continued until the evening, or even the next day, when the art is shown very much. All the people rejoice at the event, no sobs and tears despite the activities performed in the tomb complex. Munjungan than meaningful as a form of gratitude to the deceased ancestors, also became a big family reunion event that has been scattered in all directions.
Tomb Buyut Tambi is better known as an object of pilgrimage. The existence of this munjungan event can be used as the main attraction to pilgrims to be more familiar with a variety of art that may also be a legacy Buyut Tambi. Therefore, the holding munjungan plan needs to be disseminated before the event held, so many candidates, especially domestic tourists who come.

Location: Village Tambi, District Sliyeg
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