Lake Lengkong Panjalu

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Lengkong situ Panjalu is a lake covering an area of ​​57.95 hectares with an island in the middle area of ​​9.25 hectares, named Nusa Gede. On the island of Nusa Cede there are protected forests and ancient relics. That said, the beginning was the center of Nusa Cede Panjalu Kingdom government, but also serves as a fortress. Here also there is the tomb that Muslim named Mbah Panjalu. In the forest there are 307 trees of 30 species.
According to the story Panjalu history, is the result of artificial Situ Lengkong Panjalu ancestors, who lived at the time Panjalu Hindu kingdom. It was said at the beginning of the 7th century, a king's son wants his crown Panjalu have knowledge of the most powerful and most perfect. So went the crown prince named Borosngora to go somewhere and end up in the holy land of Mecca. That's where the goal is achieved, namely to study and deepen the Islamic religion and read two sentences Creed.
After staying long enough then the crown prince returned to Panjalu and comes with Zamzam water, clothing empire, as well as swords and cis equipment. In Panjalu, its main task is to convert the king of Islam and its people as well. He later became King Panjalu succeed his father with a degree Sang Hyang Borosngora. From now on that empire Panjalu changed from the Hindu kingdom into the kingdom of Islam. That said, Zamzam water from Mecca poured into the valley called the Valley of Pasir Jambu. Then the Valley grew and there was much water lake which is now called Situ Lengkong.

Location: Village Panjalu, District Panjalu
Coordinates: 7 7 '49.56 "S, 108 16' 21:26 'E
Directions: From the west, especially from Bandung, is about 100 miles, through Ciawi continue to Panumbangan and got Panjalu. While from the east, namely Ciamis, located about 30 km through Buniseuri, Kawali and until Panjalu.
Facilities: parking, souvenir shopping facilities, means of boats headed away Lengkong, MCK and is now being made (filming) mosque is quite large.
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