Old Mosque Bondan

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The mosque has a unique characteristic as an ancient mosque in Indonesia, with a square floor plan that has been developed and shaped porch stage. On the wall to the south and north there are 6 windows without shutters.
The mosque was built as a result of deliberations between Datuk Sheikh Bondan silent one with the community, believed by the local community was built in 1 night and bedugnya done the next day by Datuk Sheikh sidaguri silent wood. Bondan Old Mosque, also called the Mosque of Old Darussyajidin, established in 1414 H.
You can see and enjoy the 16 poles in it, 4 of them as the pillars that stood on a pile of rocks with a height that is not the same, overlapping one roof, and has mamolo on the roof top. The building is divided into three parts, namely a place wudhlu and bale, foyer, two kentongan, and the expansion of the mosque.

Location: Village Bondan, District Kertasemaya
Coordinates: 6 ° 35'35 "S 108 ° 18'19" E
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