Vihara Dharma Rahayu

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An Tjengg Bo Temple, formerly known as Dharma Vihara Rahayu, built in 1848 by Mr. Poey Soen Thurs In 1880, its location was moved (still in the temple area) by Mr Tan Liong Siang. An Tjeng Bio pagoda is a shrine to the Toa Pekong Lak Kwa Yes (god of war).
Interesting events that you should not miss when visiting this area is a celebration for the Toa Pekong Lak Ya Kwa held every Cia Gwee Ji It, ie every 21 months on the first Lunar.
The building of this temple is divided into three units, yaitur core space, the vestibule (open pavilion), where there are incense for the Thi Kong, and the main room, which occupies the rear.
Location: Jalan Veteran
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