Petilasan King Siliwangi

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King Siliwangi Petilasan Pajajar located in Village, Village District Pajajar Rajagaluh. Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 49'38 "LS and 108 º 20'30" longitude.

King Siliwangi regarded as the greatest King Pajajaran Sundanese community. The kingdom stands on the classical or the Hindu / Buddhist. Rajagaluh community believe that the King Siliwangi've been to this place.
Forest Preserve is located in King Siliwangi Patilasan Pajajar Village, District Rajagaluh with broad reach +3 Ha that was built in 2000/2001. Distance from the center of attraction to the location Majalengka +21 km. Patilasan King Siliwangi on anciently a resting place of King Siliwangi and supposedly said according to the surrounding community is where the disappearance of King Siliwangi.
In tourist areas there are two Talaga (Talaga Talaga Gold and shower) which is considered holy water by the local community and visitors, so before doing the ritual in patilasan visitors are required to clean bathrooms in the two Talaga.
Besides Talaga and patilasan King Siliwangi, this tourist region there are also relics of Soekarno a bamboo tree from year to year amounted to 5 pieces (1 to grow on, off 1) and the swimming baths for visitors. Besides the natural beauty, visitors can see wild monkeys around this area and many rare species of fish found in pond Cikahuripan. Also in this region there is outbound arena (camping), swimming pool and there cipadung directly adjacent to the Village District Indrakila Sindang.
The tourist area of ​​protected forests patilasan King Siliwangi which has a wide range of tourist activities (nature, pilgrimage, and artificial) to become a leading tourist attraction Majalengka district, it is evident from the many visitors from the district and from outside Kabuapaten Majalengka Majalengka (District Indramayu, Cirebon, Majalengka district).
In 2005 the number of visits to the attraction of visitors and amount to 25 676 in 2007 amounted to 57 246 visitors, while the average number of visitors to a particular event (Kliwonan, swalan) amounted to 10,000 visitors on weekdays and +500 visitor.
Access to these locations are good, it is seen from the condition of roads are paved, but the lack of public transportation to that location but only use pickups. While the facility is available that is mosque, kiosk merchants, parking, ticket booth, shelter, and toilet. While the price of admission to this attraction region of Rp. 4000, -/orang. 
Location: Kampung Pajajar, Pajajar Village, District Rajagaluh
Coordinates: 6 ° 49'38 "S, 108 º 20'30" E
Directions: Easily accessible by two-wheel and four wheels. Distance from City Majalengka site about 15 km. Before reaching the site, visitors must pass through Kampung settlements Pajajar.
Facilities: Parking Area
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