Mosque Agung Sang Cipta Rasa

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Watch the other historical heritage in the City of Cirebon associated with the development of Islam. Copyright The Great Mosque was built in 1498 Sense of the Wali Sanga on the initiative of Sunan Gunung Jati. Its construction was led by the architect Raden Sunan Kalijaga Sepat (from Majapahit) along with 200 helpers (carpenter) derived from Demak. The mosque is named after the creator sense because it is the sense of taste and belief. Now the mosque is located in front of the Palace Kasepuhan. According to folklore, the construction of this mosque in just one night, at dawn the next day has been used for morning prayers.
The Great Mosque complex has a broad sense Notices ± 1763 m2, surrounded by a fence wall. At the height of the center gate there is a decorative form of the wings 3 levels. In the middle of wing there is a curve in the middle again adorned the temple of the barrel.
You will see the uniqueness, namely the chips saka (saka one of his teachers made of teak wood pieces, and laid out neatly into the pole as high as six meters and diameter of ± 60 cm).
Great Mosque which is also known as the Mosque Kasepuhan has nine doors. The main door there in the East, specifically to the saints and kings. Eight other door located on the North and South. Seven doors are made with low size, so if you want to enter must bow. Inside the mosque there is the mihrab, minbar, and the one-room wooden fenced. Mihrab located on the West side, made of alabaster white youth. At the top of the arch mihrab, precisely in the middle there is a heart-shaped bulge with carved lotus flower. Wooden pulpit and mihrab located in the north and canopied. The pulpit is named Renggokosa, while hangings called the entu. In the north the pulpit there is one room wooden fence (cage) called maqsura. This room is used exclusively for prayer rooms Kasepuhan sultans.
Decorative contained in this mosque, among others, geometry, patterns and weaving plants. In the north the mosque there are two wells where the water is considered sacred. These wells each diameter of 1 m. Wall sections in wells walled with brick materials. A mosque is really interesting, both from the history and construction.
Location: Village Kasepuhan, Village Kasepuhan, District Weak Wungkuk
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