Kampung Urug

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Village community Urug assume that they originated from the descendants of King Siliwangi, the king in the kingdom Pajajaran West Java. Evidence from the assumption of whom according to an expert who had examined the construction of traditional houses in Kampung Urug, he found the same connection with wood wood connections contained in one building in Cirebon which is the remnants of the Kingdom Pajajaran.
One of the descendants of King Siliwangi which is considered ancestral village named Urug Dalem Batutulis grandparent or grandparent Buyut Rosa from Bogor. They did not dare mention Buyut grandmother Rosa, he said "TEU adult kasiku bisi" (do not dare to fear disaster hit). The origins of the village of Urug based on historical background has several versions. The difference lies not in who and where they Ieluhur it, but the problem lies in the purpose or motivation is the cause of the founding of the village of Urug.
Urug used as the name of the village said, because they originated from the word "Master", ie by changing the way reading is usually from the left is now read from the right. The word "Guru" is based on folk etymology or kirata base is the acronym of digugu imitated. So a teacher should be "digugu and" emulated ", meaning the observed and exemplified in all teaching and petuahnya.
Urug mileage Village of West Java provincial capital of approximately 165 kilometers to the west. Distance from the Capital District Bogor approximately 48 kilometers, from the city district Sukajaya approximately 6 kilometers, while the office of the Village Kiarapandak approximately 1.2 kilometers. The road from the district office to the village Urug Sukajaya winding up and down following the slope of the hill by the road is narrow. Along the road from the district office to head office Kiarapandak village is paved, but most severely damaged. The road from village to village office Urug, paved and fairly good condition.
To the location can use the two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel. As for using public transport from the junction Jasinga-¬ Leuwiliang toward Cipatat. Dipertigaan Cipatat highways and rural roads could use up to the village OJEG Urug, or can also use the car Carry from Jasinga - Urug Leuwiliang up to the village.

Coordinates: 6 ° 34 '42 "S, 106 ° 29' 28" E
Directions: 165 km to the west of Bandung; 48 km to the east of the city of Bogor
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More Information: Tourism, Arts and Cultural Office in Bogor District
Jl. Fresh III Kav. Government Office Complex V Cibinong Bogor


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