Red Mosque Panjunan

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In addition there is the Great Mosque Cirebon Ciptarasa The old mosque there are also smaller, namely the Red Mosque Panjunan. The mosque is its function only for the daily prayer, worship is not used for Friday prayers. Mosque in the middle of this densely populated region is administratively located in Kampung Panjunan, Village Panjunan, District Weak Wungkuk. The mosque was in the southwest corner of crossroads. North is Jl. Kolektoran, east of the segment Jl. Abang Mosque. To the south there are buildings and houses for IHC and west are residential.
The mosque building is precisely located at the coordinates 06 º 43 '087' south latitude and 108 º 33 '970 "East Longitude stands on an area of ​​150 m2. Background history of the mosque that stood on the Arab village has about 524 years old. In 1480 Prince Panjunan build a mosque, which became known as the Red Mosque Panjunan. This mosque was built 18 years before the construction of the Great Mosque The Taste Notices. Thus, this mosque is a place of worship of Muslims both in Cirebon, after Tajug Pejlagrahan in Kampung Sitimulya. Known by such names as the walls of this mosque is built of red brick structure exposure, while Panjunan name refers to the name of the village where the mosque is located.
Construction of the Red Mosque Panjunan associated with the migration of Arab descent to Cirebon at about the 15th century. In Cirebon Chronicle mentioned in the reign of Sunan Gunung Jati, surau is often used to study and deliberation Wali Sanga. When the empire was ruled by Panembahan Cirebon Queen (great-grandson of Sunan Gunung Jati), in about the year 1549, page mosque with kuta kosod fence (brick compiled without plaster). At the entrance gate of the temple was built a couple of minute and carved teak panel door. Spatial state of the mosque which is still maintained this stand until now. Shingle roof was restored in 2001-2002 by the Department of Culture and Tourism Province West Java. At first mosque is managed by the Sultanate Kasepuhan, but now it is handed over management to the DKM Panjunan.
Mosque complex surrounded by a brick fence as high as 1.5 m. Teknin preparation of this brick fence system using scrub (kuta kosod). In the eastern part of the fence there is a gate with a bit. Red brick fence. To the north of the main building there is a new building mosque measuring 10 x 2 m. This building is the bathroom, where ablution, ablutions and other places.
The main building of the mosque measuring 25 x 25 m equipped with a very narrow pages ± 10 x 1 m. Front porch on the east side which is also used as a place of prayer each time a development. Mosque porch measuring 6 x 8 m. Floor of a maroon-colored ceramic material. Red brick walls are decorated with ceramic plates of Europe. Here there are 12 poles to support the roof. On the west side there is a gate-shaped koriagung. This gate is the door of an ancient mosque. On either side there are decorative ceramic plates of Europe. In this room there are 12 pieces pillars that support the roof tile.
The main hall of the ancient mosque measuring 8 x 12 m floored tiles. The walls are brick with rubbing preparation techniques. In this room there are 4 and 10 pillar pillar-shaped roof tiles overlap. This space is only enabled on the holy days of Islam. In the south of this building there is a room used as a warehouse.
Location: Village Panjunan, Village Panjunan, District Weak Wungkuk
Coordinates: 06 º 43 '087 "S, 108 º 33' 970" E
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