Prince Patilasan Drajat

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Go back to the past for a moment. In ancient times, Patilasan Prince Drajad is a haven and settled Prince / Sunan Drajat in Cirebon in preparation for the seizure Sunda Kelapa (Batavia) with other saints in the year 1526. Notice the shape of a tomb of red brick structure painted white with andesite stones carved headstone of flower patterns. Patilasan is located between the cemetery Nyi Mas Ageng shower and Princes noble nature, both of which are two students who continue the greatness of Islam that has been initiated by Prince Drajad. The third tomb is covered in white cloth and covered with white netting, and shaded by two cupola. You can visit this cemetery along with many other pilgrims on Wednesday Pon, Wage Friday, and at its peak in the month of Maulud.
Location: Jl. Prince Drajad, Gg. Mosques, Village Drajat, District Kesambi
Coordinates: 6 ° 44 '38 "S, 108 ° 33' 42" E
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