Patilasan Sunan Kalijaga

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On the Road Scout is about 1 km towards the southwest Harjamukti Bus Terminal on the west side there is Petilasan Sunan Kali Sipadu Kalijaga. This location is very easily achieved with a variety of vehicles, ± 5 km from downtown Cirebon with travel time ± 20 minutes. Location in the middle of the village settlements Kalijaga, Village Kalijaga, District Harjamukti is precisely located at the coordinates 06 º 44 '891' south latitude and 108 º 33 '083 "East Longitude.
Complex area of ​​Sunan Petilasan Kaligaga breadth ± 20,000 m2. This area is traversed two streams, each having two to three different names. The river in question is Kali and Kali Simandung Mosque, a stream and then met at the time Cawang. This time by local people used to wash laundry dam, first time can also be used untu wudlu. In the region there patilasan buildings, ancient wells, sacred mosques, tombs and the rest form a kind of protected forest inhabited by monkeys.
Building Petilasan Kalijaga by the locals called Pesarean (from the Javanese word meaning place of rest). This building forms an L berdenah consists of three rooms. The first room is a place for the pilgrim to prayer, which can be entered through the first door called Door bacem. The second room is the site of several ancient tombs, and the third room is used Sunan Kalijaga bed covered with mosquito netting.
In the west the building there is the tomb of Sunan Kalijaga followers and relatives. This section is restricted to the kuta kosod (red brick structure) and as high as ± 120 cm ± 90 cm thick. According to folklore, when Cirebon "controlled" VOC, the site was once used as a meeting place of the warlords Sultanate Kanoman, Kasepuhan, and Mataram to strategize against them.
Sacred Mosque building in the complex petilasan Sunan Kalijaga first walls were made of wood and thatch aber (welit, blarak). Now been replaced with plastered brick walls and thatched roof. On the edge of time near the mosque there is the ancient wells. It is said that this ancient wells has reached hundreds of years old. This well is also called the Well Testament. Near the shrine there Simandung time with characters who are buried is Syech Khotim. He is trust Sunan Kalijaga.
Protected forests in the region petilasan Sunan Kalijaga, overgrown with some kind of large trees, such as stillborn, repilang, Rengas, and Albasia. Shade trees dominate the landscape. In the shade of these trees will look the monkeys swinging and chasing each other. In the morning they came down, and sit in rows on the edge of time, there is also such a look for fleas. They will also go down, if there are visitors, especially those seen carrying food. At this time their population is about 72 tails. This protected forest park called Monkey Kalijaga.
Current conditions, the presence of large trees tend to be less and less, displaced residential and business premises. As a result, residents apes lack of food, so it often enters houses, even in antarannya by damaging the roof. Damage "habitat" is also causing some of them migrate to other villages.
One of the privileges of this region also has some of the legends, among them The Aisle legend associated with the manufacture of woven fabric, the legend of one king with 11 courtier, the legend of the Mandung (Sheikh Khotim), legends and legends monkey amulet Kalimursadat Layang.
According to the story said, Sunan Kalijaga been settled several times in Cirebon long enough in a different time period. Arrival of the first aims to gain knowledge. The arrival of a second in order to carry out duties as a trustee. The last time Sunan Kalijaga settled in Cirebon in order to pioneer the development of the Kingdom of Cirebon. That said, Sunan Kalijaga taught briefly before making woven cloth on the local community, so that almost all people can do. Area rose gradually evolved into "centers" buying and selling woven fabric. However, since the arrival of the Dutch and continued by the Japanese occupation, activity in the manufacture of woven fabrics increasingly recede, until no longer visible. Still according to the story said, Sunan Kalijaga batik known as an expert and could teach it to the local community. Nyi Rupi'ah is the last person to defend Kalijaga typical batik making. It is unfortunate that once began in 1972 local people stop doing the activity to make batik.
Location: Village Kalijaga, Village Kalijaga, District Harjamukti
Coordinates: 06 º 44 '891 "S, 108 º 33' 083" E
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Directions: On the Road Scouting is about 1 km to the southwest Harjamukti Bus Terminal on the west side there is Patilasan Sunan Kali Sipadu Kalijaga. ± 5 km from downtown Cirebon with travel time ± 20 minutes.
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