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Kasepuhan Ciptagelar Gede village is a traditional village that has characterized the location and shape of the house as well as the tradition is still held strongly by community supporters. People living in the community called the Villages Ciptagelar Kasepuhan. The term comes from the word old Kasepuhan with prefix / ka / and the suffix / an /. In Sundanese, said the elder means 'conservative' or 'old' in the Indonesian language. Based on this understanding, comes the term Kasepuhan, which is the abode of the elders. This designation also indicates Kasepuhan model 'system leadership' of a community or society that custom berasaskan parents (old or old-fashioned). Kasepuhan means 'old customs' or 'ancestral customs'.
Gede village Kasepuhan Ciptagelar a new name for the village of Ciptarasa. This means that since 2001, about July, Kampung Village Ciptarasa from Sirnarasa do "hijra wangsit" to the Village Sirnaresmi within a dozen miles. In this village, precisely in Kampung Sukamulya, Abah Anom or Father Encup Sucipta as the top leadership of village customary to name Ciptagelar as a new emigration. Ciptagelar means to open or resignation. The move to his native village Ciptarasa Ciptagelar more because of "command ancestor" called DI. DI is obtained or received by Abah Anom after going through his ritual process that results should not be not, be done.
Hence the displacement of residents Ciptagelar custom homes is a form of loyalty and obedience to his ancestors. Community or village residents Ciptagelar actual proficiency level is not limited in the village alone but settled in scattered around the area of ​​Banten, Jakarta, and South Sukabumi. However, as a reference, "central government" is Gede village, inhabited by the Elders Girang (traditional leaders), old-fashioned line (Elders Girang aides) and the people who want to stay Kasepuhan Ciptagelar compatriot with customary leaders. Gede village is a traditional village because its existence is still surrounded by tradition or custom rules ancestral heritage.
Administratively, the village located in the Village Ciptagelar Sukamulya Sirnaresmi Village, District Cisolok, Sukabumi. The distance from the village of Kampung Ciptagelar Sirnaresmi 14 Km, from the district town 27 km, from central government Sukabumi 103 Km and 203 Km from Jakarta to the west. Ciptagelar village can be reached by four wheel drive vehicles (cars) and motorcycles (motorcycles). Type four wheel drive vehicles must have special requirements, which have a high enough elevation gain on the ground and in prime condition. If do not have the requirement in question is unlikely to get to the location of the vehicle. And generally the cars so just got to the office of the Village Sirnaresmi who was also a parking space. The rest use OJEG vehicle or public car (jeep type) which only exists at any time or on foot.

Location: Kampung Sukamulya, Sirnaresmi Village, District Cisolok, 
Coordinates: 06 ° 47 `10.4 `` S, 106 ° 29 '52''E 
Phone: (0266) 227353 
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Internet: - 
Directions: 14 km from the village of Sirnaresmi 14 km, 27 km from the district town, 103 km from the center of government Sukabumi, Bandung and 203 from 203 km to the west 
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More Information: Department of Tourism and Culture Sukabumi 
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