Vihara Budidharma

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Ciledug Subdistrict, east of the source is about 35 km from downtown Cirebon, presumably since the first is the location that attracted many traders especially the Chinese community. In Block Shrine, Village Ciledug Lor precisely at the coordinates 06 º 54 '365' south latitude and 108 º 45 '073 "East Longitude Budidharma Vihara there. Places of worship for Buddhist religious are located in residential areas. Go to the monastery is not so difficult, because it is located on the east Ciledug market, past the village roads are quite wide and has been amplified.
Monastery which stands on an area of ​​3546 m2 is located east of the irrigation canal, south of the village road. While the east is a residential monastery and the south there is a factory building. Now the monastery is managed by the Foundation Budidharma Vihara. After crossing the bridge irrigation canal located to the west of the monastery, then entered the outer gate located at the southwest corner of the land. Through the path which then enters the gate plastered inside. On the doorstep there are signs Budidharma Ciledug Vihara with the basic characteristic red color of yellow paper. The gate facing west.
This page is part of the walled monastery at about 2 m. Once through the gate into the courtyard. On the left and right inside the entrance gate there is a place of burning paper. The front part of the building form a kind of open hall. On the right and left the entrance to this hall there are two statues Kilin which may be made of cement. The original material this statue is not visible because of a closed paint colors. Section berdenah rectangular hall with a north-south orientation. On the roof of this hall there is a decoration of two dragons facing each other. In the middle of the dragons are the symbol of yin and yang.
Right in the middle of the front there is a fire burning as a symbol of life and light. Next enter the main room, at least in the middle of the main altar there is a place to worship Hok Tek Ceng Sin. On this altar there is a statue of Hok Tek Ceng Sin with his escorts. To the north of the main altar there is the altar of Lam Ta Kun Seng which also features a statue. To the south there is an altar Pa. No Kun Seng.
On the north side of the room there are three altars the altar of Kwan Kong, which was in the far west, and east there are two altars are to Kwan Kong Co and Im Posat. On the south side there is an altar to worship the Buddha.
Behind the main room there is a room in which there were several rows of five altar facing west. In the northernmost parts of an altar Liem Thay, proceed to the south there is an altar Kwee Song Hong, Macoco, Thiam Hian Siang Tee, and Sam Kwan Thayte Hian. In this temple every year on 19 months to 7th birthday party was held Lunar monastery.

Location: District Ciledug
Coordinates: 06 º 54 '365 "S, 108 º 45' 073" E
Facilities: Altar Worship
Opening Hours:
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