Talun (Cirebon Girang)

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With a name that is quite unique, Cirebon Girang is the forerunner of the emergence of the Sultanate of Cirebon is known in Islamic history of Indonesia. Relics that exist today is the mosque that used initially in the form of a mosque (mosque) is smaller than the mosque, but eventually expanded and replacement functions because of the many visitors who want the mosques repaired, including the remains-relics are believed to be the repository of heirlooms Rarasantang and his followers. Here there is a dump heirlooms formed in the shape of the tomb. Other remnants exist in the form of monoliths that are believed to give blessings. You can also take the time to see a building that is outside a mosque or a permanent home in the form of an upright stone (menhir).
Location: Village Cirebon Girang, District of South Cirebon
Coordinates: 6 ° 45'18 .3341''S 108 ° 30'52 .9542''E
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