Dharma Shrine Rakita

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Complete your visit by enjoying Shrine jamblang Cirebon, which according to the narrative of Mr. Gandhi as a board established in the 15th century. One of the main room suwunan from Sunan Gunung Jati. According to the story, this pagoda was built simultaneously with the Palace Kasepuhan. Mr. Arifin said that the gods are worshiped the god of the earth from the cult Kong Hu Chu. The building contained in this pagoda is a fence with a gate-shaped with a decorative symbol paduraksa Tao. Leaves the door decorated with a picture of a dragon, chicken and Chinese artistic calligraphy. Do not miss also the two furnaces and the pagoda that the building is supported by four pillars of the top decorated with dragons, Qilin, pumpkin, lotus and a statue of a saint.

Location: Jl. Dragon Gg pagoda I/504, jamblang Village, District Klangenan
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