Dharma Shrine Sukma

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Complete your trip to Cirebon with a visit to the Shrine Hong Keng Tong. According to the story, the building of this pagoda was moved from the back (north) within ± 500 m from the place now and since 600 years ago. In this complex there are a number of buildings with a fence that has double doors and gates decorated with paintings of flowers and the guardian deity of the door. In addition there are also two Burning Stoves, pagoda, support such as office buildings, and wells. Pagoda building is a room without walls propped up by four poles with a distinctive red tendril decoration on the top corner. There is also the altar table for incense burners Gods Tie poles are decorated lanterns. On the altar there is a sacred space and container burnt incense to god Sin Hok Tek Tjeng, the god Kwan Hu left and the right of god Kwan Seng Tee Koen khung. An architectural masterpiece that is very dynamic and fascinating to anyone who comes here.
Location: Jl. Cakes Market Weru, Weru Kidul Village, District Plered
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