Pulo Village

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It is a village located on the island in the middle region Cangkuang Situ. According to folklore, the Kampung Pulo had been embraced Hindu religion, and Muhammad Arif grandparent Dalem layover in this area because it was forced to retreat when defeat while attacking the Dutch. Because of embarrassment to the Sultan, then the grandparent Dalem Agung Arif Muhammad did not want to go back to Mataram. At that time he began to spread Islam in society Kampung Pulo. Up to his death and dimakamkandi Kampung Pulo, he meinggalkan 6 children and one of them is male. Therefore, in Kampung Pulo founded six houses were lined up facing each other customary each of the 3 houses on the left and right plus a mosque. The number of homes should not be added or deducted, as well as living in the house may not exceed six heads of families. If a boy had grown up and married then no later than two weeks after it should immediately leave the house and be out of the sixth house. Although 100% of the Kampung Pulo residents are Muslim, they still carry some of the rituals of Hinduism.
In Kampung Pulo customs there are some provisions that are still valid today, namely:
• In the pilgrimages to the tombs must comply with several requirements of the form baraan fire, incense, perfume, flowers and cigars. This is believed to draw closer to the spirits of the ancestors.
• Prohibited pilgrimage on Wednesday, even before residents are not allowed to work around heavy, as well as grandparent Dalem Arif Muhammad refused to accept guests for the day is used to teach religion. According to public trust, if the violation of these rules, then there will be disastrous for the people of this village.
• The roof must forever lengthwise (Jolopong)
• May not hit a big gong
• Especially in Kampung Pulo should not maintain a large four-legged animals such as goats, buffaloes, cows and others.
Every 14th of the month Maulud they perform ritual bathing heirlooms like a dagger, a stone aji, a bullet from the stone that is considered bermakan and give blessings.

Location: District Leles, Garut
Coordinates: 7 ° 6 '11 "S, 107 ° 55' 7" E
Internet: kabgarut@westjava-indonesia.com
Directions: Kampung Pulo is located approximately 50 km east of Bandung city and 13 km to the west the town of Garut. Thus, the location of this village were among the city of Bandung to Garut city. If the use of public transport can be reached by bus from the terminal Cicaheum Index.php majors to square Leles District. The journey continues with the use of rural transport vehicles, motorcycles OJEG, or wagon toward the village of Kampung Ciakar Cangkuang which is about 3 km. After arriving at Kampung Ciakar (lakeside), to get to Kampung Pulo do with the raft ride through it or Lake Cangkuang.
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More Information: Department of Tourism and Culture Garut

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