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History / origin of Kampung Naga according to one version begins at the time of his status as guardian Sheikh Sharif Hidayatullah or Sunan Gunung Jati with coordinates Latitude and Longitude 107.994425 -7.363722, a servant named Singaparana tasked to spread Islam to the west. Then he got to the area which is now Neglasari Neglasari, District Salawu, Tasikmalaya District. In these places, Singaparana by society Kampung Naga is called Worship Dalem Singaparana. One day he got ilapat or user should be meditated. In persemediannya Singaparana aright, that he should occupy a place which is now called Kampung Naga.
Kampung Naga ancestors of the most influential and contribute to society Kampung Naga "Sa Dragon" is Grandmother Singaparana or Worship Dalem Singaparana called again with Eyang Galunggung, buried in the west Kampung Naga. The tomb is regarded by society Kampung Naga as always diziarahi shrine at ceremonies held for all descendants.
 But when Grandmother died Singaparana, no definitive data obtained nobody even knows of Kampung Naga. According to the belief that they inherited from generation to generation, society Kampung Naga ancestors did not die but disappeared without leaving the body. And that's where society Kampung Naga regard it as a tomb, by providing signs or clues to the descendants of Kampung Naga Society.
There are a number of names of the ancestors are venerated Kampung Naga society such as: Prince Kudratullah, buried in Gadog Garut, a highly regarded master of Islamic knowledge. Raden clumsy Katalayah Nu Lencing The Seda Sakti, is buried in Taraju, District of mengusai science Tasikmalaya immunity "kewedukan". Queen Ineng Kudratullah or called Grandmother Mudik Batara Coral, buried in Karangnunggal, Tasikmalaya District, mastered the science of physical force "kabedasan". Mangkubawang Prince, is buried in Mataram Yogyakarta mastered the science of intelligence that is kedunawian or wealth. Gunungjati Sunan Kalijaga, buried in Cirebon mastered the science of agriculture.
Kampung Naga is administratively located in the region Neglasari, Salawu Sub, Regency Bandung, West Java Province. Kampung Naga location not far from the highway that connects the city with the city Tasikmalaya Main Page. The village is located in a fertile valley, with the boundary region, west of Kampung Naga is limited by the sacred forest in the forest because there is a society Kampung Naga ancestral graves. To the south bordered by rice fields of the population, and on the North and East rivers Ciwulan limited by the source water comes from mountain areas Cikuray in Garut. Mileage of Tasikmalaya to Kampung Naga City about 30 kilometers, while the Main Page of the City 26 kilometers away. To get to Kampung Naga from the highway-Tasikmalaya Index.php should down the stairs that have been walled (Sunda sengked) up to the edge of the river Ciwulan with a slope of about 45 degrees with a distance of approximately 500 meters. Then through the path along the river Ciwulan up into the Kampung Naga.

Location: Neglasari, District Salawu, Tasikmalaya regency.
Coordinates: -7.363722 S, 107.994425 E
Phone: (0265) 330165
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Directions: Approximately 30 kilometers from the town of Tasikmalaya, 26 kilometers from the city of Garut
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 More Information: Tourism Office of Tasikmalaya Regency, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No.2, Tasikmalaya

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