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Turtle Belawa your heart will certainly loot during a visit to Cirebon. With a typical shell, these animals are rare and exist only in certain places in the Village Belawa. Known as Turtles Belawa, with the Latin name "Tortoise Aquatic Ortilia Norneensis", this animal shelter at the pool ditangkar fairly representative after the renovation, consisting of a pool dive (for the tortoises are still small), pond turtles adult, and a special pool for breeding. You will see at least 200 turtles bertempurung unique live and breed here.
The legend associated turtle Belawa will entertain your imagination. Once in antiquity, was a young man named "Jake Saliwah" (Jaka mean man / boy, while Saliwah means not equal (no one color).
Jaka Saliwah own face is white and black.
Feeling sad because it has two colors of faces, Jake studied the Sheikh Datuk Saliwah. All the way has been done but do not heal, so he felt disappointed and tore the Koran. Cutouts are discharged to the spring and turn into animals turtles. Finally, even woke up and Jake Saliwah to Him for mercy. He also washed his face in the eyes of both the water and the disease disappears.

Location: Village Belawa, Kecamatan Abang Weak
Coordinates: 6 49 '52 "S, 108 37' 13" E
Directions: 20 km from the city of Cirebon
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