Kampung Kuta

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Kuta village name may be given as appropriate to the location in the village of Kuta Iembah more or less steep as deep as 75 meters and is surrounded by tebing-tebing/perbukitan, in Sundanese called Kuta (ie pager wall). Regarding the origin of the village of Kuta, in some tales Buhun scattered among the Sundanese bird is often called the country of residence or area that is not finished / void becomes the capital of the Kingdom Galuh. The area is named after the Kuta Pandak. Ciamis and surrounding communities consider Kuta Kuta Pandak is in the village of Kampung Karangpaninggal now. Community Cisaga call it by name Jero Kuta. The tale turns out to have similarities with the story of the origins of the village of Kuta. They consider and recognize himself as a descendant of King Galuh and its presence in the village of Kuta as a watchman or guard Raja Galuh wealth.
Coatings based on social status and role, has led the group that led the community there are groups who led. Group who leads / formal leaders occupy certain positions in village governance institutions such as village heads, village heads, RW, and chairman of RT. While formal leadership was leadership based on honor and respect the people against a person because of age, experience, knowledge, and the role of the environment. Regular informal leaders known as elders and Kuncen.
Kuta village community as a community which, although bound in customary rules, but they are familiar with and fond of the various arts are used as a means of entertainment, both traditional art and modern art as calung, reog, theater (drama Sunda), tagoni (flying) , kliningan, jaipongan, kasidah, ronggeng, until art dangdut. Art is usually performed at the time held a salvation / celebration, especially weddings and reception ward. The show was quite enthused by the whole community and they watched with sufficient enthusiasm.
To go to the village is the distance that must be taken from the town of Ciamis District about 34 km toward the north. Can be achieved using public transport the car to the District of scaffolding. Being of the District of scaffolding using a rented bike or OJEG, with asphalt roads winding, as well as many climbs are quite steep. If the District Tambaksari can use public transportation or car rental OJEG, with similar road conditions.

Phone: 0265-771421
Directions: 34 km north Ciamis
More Information: Office of Culture and Tourism District Ciamis
Jl. Mr. Iwa Kusumasumantri no. Ciamis 14 46 213


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