The Jungle

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Play in your imagination through a variety of facilities contained in the Jungle. Here is available to you a variety of rides, such as Cinema 4D, Fountain Futsal Tower Slide, Leisure Pool, Lazy River, Giant Aquarium, Racer Slide, Bird Park, Kiddy Pool, Dry Park, and others. 
Cinema 4D it is the first and second in the city of Bogor in Indonesia, an animated film by using special glasses provided. You can feel involved in the film. Futsal Fountain Way Kambas has a fountain at the surface point field, where you can play ball in the middle of the refreshing splashes of water which would bring an unforgettable sensation. Jaya Wijaya Slide Peak Tower will boost your adrenalin with a glide from a height of 12 m, where there are 2 options slide, which is closed and opened with a length of 200 m but not least she exclaimed. 
Samosir Island Leisure Pool is available for those who just want to relax with family while enjoying the view of Mount Salak and Mount Pangrango stunning, while enjoying snacks and drinks at Bar Sanken. In the Lazy River Mahakam River, you can laze around on the tire while the river along the 400 meters, where you can enjoy the view of Mount Salak and Mount Pangrango stunning and diverse fish from the Giant Aquarium. In Giant Aquarium, you can enjoy the thrill of swimming with the fish in the aquarium are translucent, enjoy a wide variety of rare fish, while relaxing to follow the flow of water. 
Peak Racer Slide Tokosa suitable for you who enjoyed the challenge and want to test your nerve, by feeling the spray when sliding from a height of 8 m. Bird Jungle Bird Park offers a variety of types of birds chirping and the attractions are exciting and funny. Kiddy Pool Natuna Island is the pool contains all sorts of games for kids, with all sorts of games such as Canon Water, Water Bucket, and Tightrope. Let the kids play in the Dry, the proper vehicle for running around, playing in the pool balls, and various other games. 
In addition there are also rides the Flying Fox, Bungee Trampoline, Paint Ball, Ghost House The Jungle, Golkar, Mini Carousel and Mini Train. 
Location: Perumahan Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) terletak di Jl. Dreded Pahlawan, Kotamadya Bogor Selatan – Jawa Barat.
Coordinates: 6 ° 38'2 "S 106 ° 47'44" E 
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