Water Source Heat Cimanggu

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The area around the hot springs Cimanggu very rich in natural hot springs and sulfur content which can be exploited for therapeutic healing of various skin and rheumatic diseases.
Cimanggu hot water bathing pool at an altitude of approximately 1100 m above sea level and surrounded by a vast expanse of tea plantations. In the area of ​​attraction, you can stroll while enjoying the cool air and natural beauty around a gently sloping plains and in the region are a little bumpy.
Natural charm of the beautiful and pleasant atmosphere, supported by hot water bathing areas Cimanggu fairly clean and comfortable, you can make as an alternative option to tour the southern part of Bandung Regency, especially in areas Ciwidey-Pangalengan.

address: Ds. Patengan Kec. Rancabali Kab Bandung
Coordinates: 7 8 '44 "S, 107 23' 28" E
Facilities: swimming pool for children and adults, the bath rooms, and playground for children
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