Upas Ranch Campgrounds

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Located at an altitude of 1700 m above sea level, Campgrounds Ranca Upas have a whole region covering an area of ​​215 ha. There are a variety of local attraction that you can see and enjoy, such as the weather was a cool (18-23 ° C), natural scenery of the surrounding green hills, vast forests, various types of flora such as Puspa, Jamuju, riots, Kitambang, Kihujan, Hamirung, Kurai and Install, as well as various types of fauna that can be found here like a cuckoo bird, crow, hawk and Javan deer, monkeys and tigers. In addition, you can also see deer in the local breeding area of ​​4-5 ha, adding to the attraction for this campground.

Address: Village Natural Endah, Ciwidey district, Bandung regency
Coordinates: 7 8 '20 "S, 107 23' 31" E
Directions: 56 km south of Bandung and 15 miles south Pangalengan (via roads passable four-wheeled vehicles and wheeled six; located not far from the main gate of the White Ciwidey Crater, before entering the area Ranca Bali Tea Plantation)
Facilities: camping area, view tower, mosque, toilets, kiosks and trade
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