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Badawang Art is a kind of art related to the native Indonesian religious belief in which there is a mystical symbol of art. This can be seen from the form and description of which is the image badawang totemistik tradition of religious communities native to Indonesia despite changes in its development in a more humorous.
Badawang become an icon in the tradition of helaran the Sundanese people in the past, because it is very familiar with the children to chase and frighten him in every single show. In Tatar Sunda, Badawang also known as Memeniran taken from the word meneers (master in Dutch) as seen from the form of big and tall man whose body was symbolized by the big and tall (identical with the West that in this case the Netherlands). In Regency Bandung in particular, Badawang taken from the profile of the puppet as Semar, Cepot, Dawala, Gareng, plus figures noble antiquity.
Art Badawang usually displayed as art entertainment for children newly circumcised. Musical accompaniment for badawang usually memperguanakan portable music type like kesdang, goong, drum, trumpet, dog-dog. As the musical Cileunyi retinue took the accompaniment Penca silat is padungdung, golempang, type the song was sometimes taking songs kliningan and dangdut. In Ranchi district badawang usually displayed by Benjang equipped by helaran (art that is used for the parade) is a memperguanakan musician costume costume martial arts, and others.
Address: Waterfall Dago, Dago Waterfall Village, Village Ciumbuleuit, District Cidadap
Direction: ± 10 km northeast of the city center, on the cliffs Cikapundung River not far from the waterfall waterfall Dago
Facilities: parking for motorcycles and shelter visitors
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