Surak Ibra

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Surak Ibra is a typical folk performing arts Garut area. According to the narrative a few artists, initially known as the art of Surak Ibra Boyongan or Boboyongan. In such Boyongan displayed a martial arts warrior charismatic figure named Mr. Ibra. It is said that as a tribute to Mr. Ibrahim, Boboyongan art community is named Surak Ibra.
As an art noble ancestor heritage Kasepuhan Cinunuk Garut, Surak Ibra is protected and conserved by the sons of the region. Among them was recorded as community organizations Dalem Gold Association (HDE) which was established May 30, 1910 took part ngamumule Surak Ibra. But after the HDE disbanded in 1948 the management of Surak Ibra followed by local village officials until now.
During its development, many of Surak Ibra is displayed in the great days of ceremonies, especially the Republic of Indonesia's Independence day. Surak Ibra show preceded by a number of youths dressed in black arts that bring the torch to the formation berbanjar while playing silat movements. Followed by an entourage of dancers Surak Ibra (usually numbering around 30-60 people) who dressed in yellow and red fighters moving vigorously which also featured a martial arts movements. Then over the command of a leader musical accompaniment played simultaneously (usually Golempang) accompanied by a rousing cheer. After that they perform certain formations with martial arts movements. By the time they make Iingkaran formation, one of them into these formations that will act as a figure who will carried off, when the figure was narrowed Iingkaran raised by some dancers Surak Ibra, he lifted up and down, followed by music and cheering the merrier . After the stunning attractions Surak Ibra is over, the players returned to the formation helaran.
Surak Ibra musical accompaniment is generally the same as the accompaniment Kendang Pencak (martial arts), just added Angklung and dogdog as a complement.
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